Jean Cocteau and the Dior brand

“That magic name which includes that of God and Gold”, these are the words of Jean Cocteau on the Dior brand. In this presentation, we will try to decipher the planetary success of a fragrance that many women have adopted with fervor: J’adore Dior. This famous perfume is celebrating its 10th anniversary and its success has always seen a rise. The perfume ranks the first in the top-selling perfumes (or second, depending on the year), and it has become a must have accessory along with the classic Chanel No. 5 and Angel by Thierry Mugler.

The Christian Dior company was born in 1947 when Christian Dior decided to give the woman a new elegant feel. He began to create clothes, designed them and organized his first show. In the same year, his first fragrance, Miss Dior, represented “the indispensable complement of the female personality, the final touch to a dress. ” This was followed by many fragrance launches in 1949 such as Diorama, Fresh Water in 1953, and Diorissimo Diorling in 1956 and 1963. The company extended its operations to the field of cosmetic products in 1955 and body care by 1973.

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In 1970, the Arnault SAS group became the majority shareholder of Christian Dior SAS. Soon, it evolved to become one of the figureheads of the perfume sector along the lines of LVMH. Among the major perfume brands, we can mention Miss Dior J’adore, Poison, Dior Addict for Women and Eau Sauvage Fahrenheit, Dune pour Homme, Dior Homme for men. In terms of cosmetics, some of the leading brands are the Christian Dior Capture Diorsnow, Hydraction and Gold Life for the care and Dior Addict, Diorskin, Backstage and Rouge Dior makeup. •The House concept

Dior boasts four core values found in each product and in all its communication approaches: -Creativity -Elegance -Refinement -Excellence The House is now present on several axes, namely the high fashion, leather goods, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. It is positioned on each of these axes, and is a luxury segment with a variation of the mix in line with this very upscale positioning. It appears in the minds of consumers as a luxury home with a history, and core values, that are strong and anchored to the products of undeniable quality. It is timeless, but still avant-garde and embodies cutting edge in fashion.

This image is primarily due to its rich history, and especially its leading figures constitute the Dior brand as it is today: firstly, Christian Dior and his collection was called the revolutionary “New Look “. John Galliano took the reins in 1999, and assumed charge of all lines of the House, and became its Artistic Director. This takeover resulted in a metamorphosis from a a classic elegant style to the image of a femme fatale, sexy and modern outlook. It imposes itself by its modern vision of fashion, eccentricity and avant-garde style.

Over the years, Dior has, renewed, and has continued to develop different strategies, thus, guaranteeing its success and sustainability. Tags: Diorissimo Diorling, perfume, Christian Dior, Miss Dior J’adore, Poison, luxury home, John Galliano, avant-garde style [… ] – Dior Lady Dior has partnered with Marion Cotillard, shortly after the success in the film Vie en Rose” to run its advertisements of Lady Noire (Paris), Red Lady (New York) and Lady Blue (Shanghai). Each of these advertisements is a wonderful short film about ten minutes performed by greats such as Peter Lynch or David Lendberg.

In Red Lady, we can see a Marion Cotillard singing a song by Franz Ferdinand, Eyes of March, written and composed specially for the application and brand. [… ] [… ] 2. The name of the perfume The name ‘gold’ that rhymes with Dior is positive, optimistic, simple and effective and implies an undeniable enthusiasm. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “worship” means “love of a passionate love, to worship. ” This name seems to be what the user might want to express when she wears it. But it’s actually self-worship that John Galliano and Dior have dedicated to creating a passion and exuberance that made him exclaim love .

Therefore, there is no better name for a perfume and high fashion. [… ] [… ] The bottle has the same brightness as the earrings of gold and diamonds which underscores the prestige and luxury of the fragrance and seems to offer brightness and beauty (the poster suggests that the skin is golden muse because she wears the perfume I love). The second level The muse of perfume (Charlize Theron) forms the majority of this advertising space. It illuminates the poster of her golden skin (implied by the perfume). Her feminine curves are highlighted by chest that is almost covered. [… ]

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