Jean Watson Essay - Part 2

University of Phoenix Material Assessment Tools Analysis Purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with the opportunity to examine assessment tools that evaluate on-physical measures - Jean Watson Essay introduction. Applying Watson’s Theory of Human caring integrates the mind-body-spirit dimensions. Nurses should be knowledgeable in tools to expand the abilities of nurses to assess and evaluate clients in various stages and states of health, illness, stress and life. • Prepare and submit a 1,050 – 1,400 word, APA-formatted paper, which includes: o A selection of three assessment tools below Using the Online Library, research the selected tools o Describe each tool and the population for which it might be useful. State data about tool such as cost, length, and ease in using tool, for what populations it is best designed, and validity of information gained o Describe how this tool could enhance the assessment phase of the nursing process and impact quality of health care delivered by the nurse • Apply these tools to the vulnerable population described in the Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness assignment of Week Two

Assessment Tools: Adult Life Stress Measurement Beck Depression Inventory Calgary Family Assessment Model Coping Resources Inventory for Stress Daily Hassles Scale Derogatis Stress Profile Dysfunctional Attitude Scale Family Adaptability and Cohesion Scale Family Hardiness Index Feetham Family Functioning Survey Hassles and Uplifts Inventory Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HLPL-II) Health Self-Determination Index (HSDI)

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Health Self-Determination Index for Children (HSDI-C) Index of Core Spiritual Experiences Mini-Mental State Exam Perceived Stress Scale Schoolager’s Coping Strategies Inventory Social Support Questionnaire Spiritual Involvement & Beliefs Scale Spiritual Perspective Scale Spiritual Well-Being Scale State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Stress Warning Signals Inventory Ways of Coping Questionnaire Well Being Picture Scale

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