Jesus Christ and the Word in the Book of John

Jesus Christ and the Word in the Book of John


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Thesis: The gospel is a portrait of Jesus, but also a portrait of God and his will according to John Piper.


John 20 v 30, 31 – John states his purpose –‘ Written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.’ See John Piper, ‘In the Beginning Was the Word’.
‘The Word’ is used as a substitute for ‘God’ in a passage similar to that in Genesis – see The Apologist Commentary
John, while recording similar or the same events as the other evangelists, gives a more spiritual view – See ‘Real Christ’ web site
Unlike the Synoptic Gospels which begin in time, John’s version of the gospel begins before time began. ‘In the Beginning was the Word’ (John 1 v 1) and as the rest of that introduction makes clear, this Word, which dwelt with God, is also Jesus, creator and yet a man among man.
Aquinas in his commentary points out how the lofty was made low.
The other gospels contain many parables explaining what the kingdom of God is like. Matthew 13 v 24 for instance ‘the kingdom of God is like….”.See Bible
The ‘I am’ sayings. Jesus is literally the word of God and reveals himself more thoroughly than in any other book. ‘I am… The Messiah (John 4 v 26); the Bread of Life, 5 v35;  and many other examples.
Sent by God – John 5 v 23-38 stated 5 times
Fatherhood of God – relationship between them. Mentioned more than 100 times.
8 miracles – ‘Signs’ which point towards Jesus’ divine status.
God’s will revealed through Word. John 1 v 14 – this Word is the promised Messiah. I v 13, Born because God willed it and 1 v 18 to make known his purpose.

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