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Jinnikins Jeans Formative Assignment

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The Assignment will be arranged in a business report format in regards to the evaluation of provided voice level for the staff at Skinning Jeans. This report will be in a very brief and efficient frame. The Skinning Jeans evaluation will take place by using relevant theories and models that is being covered in the lectures as well as some independent research. This will be in the form of books, journals, and some online sources in order to support the theories.

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Jinnikins Jeans Formative Assignment
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I intend to open this report with clarifying how important it is for employees to have a voice n organization in general as well as stressing the fact that how maintaining a good level of voice within the organization can influence positively for the employees and could lead to growth of the company. The next step would be a brief overview of the Skinning Jeans case study and discuss how much they are maintaining the level of voice for employees in their business.

Despite the fact that At Skinning Jeans the two brothers are making the main decisions, the commitment cycle model has been chosen.

Because it allows to assess the impact of employees freedom voice range to the overall company’s success by using its 5 parts in the cycle. The next step of this report will focuses in more details on the motivational aspect of the employees in Jenkins base on the fact that George and Tremor are the only one who is making the decisions at the company by using two different theories as they will allow different ways of evaluation to the topic. This will encompass Herbert analysis and Broom expectancy theory.

Broom expectancy theory has been chosen as it allows to issues about the requirement of completion of 3 elements of motivational forces in relation to give voice to the employees at skinning. The report will argue about the fact how the brothers can understand employees interests when they are not giving enough voice to them in order to relate their interest to their final out come of their performance results and keeping them motivated. The Herbert analysis has been chosen as it makes it possible to analyses how the brothers reward method in order to motivate their employees really affect to heir motivational level.

Furthermore, The report will evaluate how giving the voice to employees in Skinning Jeans has effected to the overall performance and their motivation by counting in using Herbert theory. Throughout the report, references of academic books will be present.

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