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Job analysis assignment teller

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A Job Analysis Assignment Buying Wang (Suez) Lawrence Technological University Job Analysis Assignment Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with job analysis techniques and the use of the O*NET site.

This assignment is directly tied to learning goals 1, 3, and 5 for the course. Expectations: You are expected to analyze a job using one of the job analysis techniques described in the textbook and/or lecture. You may use your own personal experience with the job (either as a job incumbent or as a recipient of the output of that job) and/or material from the O*NET site.

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Job analysis assignment teller
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As O*NET may have already conducted a job analysis of the job, I recommend you make full use of that resource but be sure to cite O*NET correctly if you do. Each student should work alone. Use the worksheet that follows to complete the assignment. A scoring rubric can be found attached to the assignment in Blackboard.

Once you have completed the assignment, submit your answers through the Blackboard assignment for that purpose. What job are you analyzing (e. G. , Hairdresser, Dentist, etc. ): Bank Teller Questions: 1 .

What types of activities would you conduct prior to the actually beginning the bob analysis? Be specific as to the types of information you might seek and the sources where such information might be found. Am going to do job analysis follow six steps from textbook . Before the actually beginning the job analysis, there are three steps to do. Step 1 :Decide how you’ll use the information (Desert G. , Job analysis and the talent management process, 2011). There are many methods for collecting job analysis information, such as the interview, questionnaires, observation, job analysis techniques, and so on.

I decide to use functional job analysis, Web job analysis O*NET to collect data. Step 2:Review relevant background information (Desert G. , Job analysis and the talent management process, 2011). At first bank organization charts is useful information. For example Figurer (bank of SST. Helena, 2008) shows Bank Of SST. Helena organization. We can see from the chart, tellers OCCUPY large number of bank employee. However, tellers are not at top of company, Teller supervisor at the middle level, the common teller which I analysis in this assignment in lower level.

Figure 1: Figure 2: Then I made a process chart to analyze the job workflow on the basis of Bank Of SST. Helena organization. In Figure 2, tellers obtain bank service rules, operation rules and other information from senior teller, Tellers also get customer financial request, then help customer make financial transaction, provide product and service. After that tellers sent the data and customer feedback to senior teller to review. According to the organization chart and process chart, tellers are large and important part in bank, do a lot of basic works, and direct serve customers.

Step 3:Select representative positions (Desert G. , Job analysis and the talent management process, 2011). Overall, tellers’ position and workflow re clearly, do not think it significant job redesign is necessary. According to the characteristics of different banks, the staff requirements may be some minor changes. 2. If you were to actually perform a job analysis, discuss the steps you would use and how you would go about conducting the job analysis. Your answer should include: type of job analysis (e. G. , functional, critical incidents, etc. ), type of data collection (e. . , observation, interview, etc. ), and how you would go about gathering and verifying the data. Will use functional job analysis, U. S. NAVY EXAMPLE web job analysis O*NET to elect data, then use observation and interview to verify the data. Step 1 . Data collection and job analyze. 1) Functional job analysis (BAJA). U. S. Department of Labor developed Functional Job Analysis as a step job analysis process. This Job analysis is widely used in practice. Employee function refers to relationship between the employee and the data, people and things.

These activities in the following Figurer (Desert G. , 2011): Figurer: The teller should be label 4, 6, 3, to represent computing, speaking/signaling, and driving/operating. Then can use this number compare with other jobs in the ann.. After that present a summary of the job such as in Figure 4. BAJA provides a thorough description of the work content; it is extremely useful training and performance evaluation. Figurer: 2) U. S. NAVY EXPEL Web job analysis: The U. S Navy uses this method; it is an effective way to collect job-related information with minimal intervention and guidance.

First I download work activities list (Figure 5) (O*Net Center)from O*NET. (Figure 5): Then I let employees complete the list seriously by themselves. I suppose the teller chose “getting information” as work activity of information input, processing information” in mental process, “Interacting with computer” is skill to perform this job, and so on. I also can ask employees make second chose in different question. Finally, can get an objective and detailed job requirement. Step 2: Verify the data. A person who makes job analysis get useful information and check the job duty through observation is necessary.

Teller is a kind of service job, it include numerous physical activities. Observation is a good method to check information of this part. I prefer use typical interview to verify the data of teller operation in the work. I will do interview with teller and teller supervisor, get information of job requirement from company and employees perform this job. Then comparing the data I collected before. 3. For the job you are analyzing, what are the five or six most important job tasks listed? Why do you think each is important?

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