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Human Resource Development Office

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    Explanation of Choice:  The HRD have relied on test service providers to conduct the testing of new applicants and employees who are applying for higher positions. However, the expansion of the organization and the high costs of using service providers had made it necessary to create a new job for the said functions.

    This questionnaire asks you to describe the primary accountabilities and requirements of the job for which you are hiring. It will be used to:

    • Group the position into a job classification along with other employees performing similar work, or
    • Develop or revise a position classification description, and
    • Establish or confirm the classification of the position as non-exempt (i.e., eligible for overtime) or exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as well as determine the appropriate classification under the Equal Employment Opportunity Statutes, and Workers’ Compensation.

    The information you provide will support a number of essential purposes, so it is important to answer each question accurately. Do not overstate or understate the responsibilities or requirements of the job. The Human Resources staff will use the questionnaires to place the job in the appropriate position classification. If this job is unique to the company, a new position classification description may be created.


    1. Read the entire Questionnaire before answering any questions. This will give you a broad view of the information requested.
    2. Keep in mind that the Questionnaire is designed to describe the job, not a particular individual’s performance or personal qualifications. In completing the Questionnaire, focus on the requirements of the job.
    3. Describe the job as it exists today, not as it was in the past or how it might be in the future.
    4. Include enough information so that someone not familiar with the job can get a clear idea of what is involved.
    5. Avoid using abbreviations, ambiguous phrases, and technical terminology or “buzz” words. Refer to other people by job title, not by name.
    6. If a question does not apply to the job (e.g., Supervisory Responsibility), indicate “NA” (Not Applicable) below the question.
    7. If additional space is needed, you may write on the back of the form with a note that you did so or attach an additional sheet to the questionnaire and label it as additional information to the appropriate section.


    Please list the primary responsibilities and duties of the job – those that make up the core of the job. Think of these accountabilities in terms of the end results this position is responsible for – avoid listing the detailed tasks or activities performed to accomplish the end results. Most jobs will have five to ten primary job accountabilities. If you have more than ten, check to be sure you are listing primary accountabilities, not individual tasks.

    Try to start each statement with an action verb. Also, try to focus on what is done and indicate what the results of that work will be, as opposed to listing how the work will be performed. For example, “Receive and process personnel documents to ensure compliance with legal guidelines and company policies.”

    1. Determine the testing needs of the organization.
    2. Set-up a testing program for the organization.
    3. Conduct tests as the need arises.
    4. Prepare psychometric reports of tested applicants and employees.
    5. Affiliate and coordinate with major test developers for the purchase of materials.
    6. Protect the integrity of the test materials.
    7. Manage, update and protect the raw test data of applicants.

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