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HSRP and computer information

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See all departments key requisitioned, the situation turned to record and put the key categories; 6. See booking conditions that day, and book into the computer, and to understand the situation in recent days booking; 7. Check the room state to ensure that the correct state house; 8. Day pre-departure check guests, and to notify the cashier; 9. Continued to live according to the guest list open voucher for a breakfast guests stay open vouchers; 10. Confirmed guests information, prices have been complete and accurate input into the computer; 1 1.

Elf customers change wards confirm notice HSRP and computer information has changed.

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HSRP and computer information
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To recover the key and pen the exchange of building notice; 12. Guests wake-up time is required to inform switchboard has been; 13. With colleagues in oral and written handover Of shift, and feel free to contact the next one. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Knowledge of modern office procedures and methods including telephone communications, office systems etc. Knowledge of modern business communication, including Good sense of service and communication skills.

Skill to use a personal computer and various software packages. Skill to type 80 words per minute.

Ability to work independently. Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems. Credentials and Experience National diploma in business Two years related experience or Equivalent combination of education and experience Special Requirements Willing to work holidays, and weekends Title: Bar manager Pay Range: XX Date:April 29, 2010 Report to: Boss Job Summary: Procurement of a variety of hard liquor, wine and beer; Recruiting and training new staff; Supervision and motivation of all employees; The exercise of management functions; Operation and maintenance of high quality services. According to company policy, perform the duties of the company to appoint ND regularly make a brief factual report to the boss; Study of various goods after purchase, to meet customer needs, complete the sales target set; Responsible for cost control in the following areas: total amount of wages due, food, drinks and logistical supplies, and with minimum cost in exchange for the best quality; Coordination of the various bar services; Supervise and motivate staff; Regularly checked the health bar and lounge, and a variety Of equipment is functioning; Peak in the business of the bar and lounge check to ensure that customers receive satisfactory service; If you need help in all aspects and to dress customer complaints; For the bar and lounge staff the progress of the arrangements to ensure that the wages of employees will soon be providing the best quality of service; Responsible for recruiting and dismissing employees, checking time cards, assess staff performance, conduct staff training; Security system for the bar. ; Responsible for the regional health bar; The owner consent, responsible for arranging entertainment. ; Inventory for the bar to calculate cost of sales. ; Through reasonably priced, effective propaganda and promotion, raise the bar for food and drink sales. Skill to rich Wine knowledge. Willing to work holidays, weekends and day or night. Job Procedure Room booking by telephone In all the reservation form attached to the time stamps ; 2 . To order the full name ; 3 . Any meeting or group contact ; 4 . Need the type of accommodation (double room, the President, the suite, etc. ) ; 5 .

Each customer’s arrival date, arrival time and departure date ; 6 . Parties need to be recognized the name and address ; 7 . Will use the payment method and payment side of the name and address; Costs ( store price, that does not discount the full cost), and customers are imbibed room and board system, which American Kaki Ghana method (American this calculation system in rooms and meals for the customers; Or belong to European Kaki Ghana France (European Plan), by this way, room and board separate checkout; No matter how insignificant the information and any unusual requirements. Who hang up the phone or in person before the person left the check, all data must be verified again.

Reservations from the asset management system, booking patterns formed in a number of reports, and then onward to the reception of these ports-These reports include: arrival report, listed in alphabetical order within one day is expected to reach individuals or groups; Over-booking report listed under the ID card has gone to those who have booked other hotels in the list of customers; The report rejected the reservation, room booking requests had to rebuff; And daily analysis report, including the booking number, arrival, booked a room and are due to arrive FIT, according to sources and price categories. Explain details of procedure to use Hotel Business Centre Hotel Business Center services are small areas, and more direct service rejects. Guests on business center services, service quality evaluation is based on the thoughtful and efficient as the starting point. To do good service, fast, must rely on experienced staff and a sound working procedures.

Before Services : understanding customer needs service, service hours and service requirements; it clear to the customer charge, open a notice, according to charges And receive a certain percentage of deposit. Services: an accurate, fast and the principle of service required by customers on time and accurately complete the service. Service: customers need to complete service, ill out the ” business center fees, the receipts,” to guide or accompanying passenger People to check out the Finance Department. “Business Center costs the receipts” in triplicate, a joint to the Finance Department, a joint to the guests, a joint filing by the business center.

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