Job Loss Essay

Job loss has been going on for many years. It always goes on in the whole world, but for the past years since the stock market crashed in 08; jobs lost has been at the highest it has been in many years. With this about 7. 9 million people lost their jobs all together. The nation and the states have their own job loss presents. This helps determine if the state and/or the nation is making progress getting jobs back. The nation has seen this kind of loss before in the great depression where the national percentage was twelve. The United States right now was at the lowest at ten point ten percent.

When comparing the job loss from now to the job loss in the Great Depression the lines look similar in shape. The loss now is not nearly as much, but it is still about nine percent. Different states are progressing many different ways. The states that have the highest percentage are Michigan at nine point six percent, Rhode Island at nine point three percent and California at eight point four percent. The states with the lowest percent’s are Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. (“Unemployment state by,” 2009). Some states are recovering better than others.

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A lot of jobs down by the Gulf of Mexico are not doing so well, like the fisherman, and the restaurant owners that depend on the sea food for business. The BP oil spill did not help out the jobs at all. The American jobs are not staying in the U. S. anymore because the companies are finding that it is cheaper to have a foreign country make the parts and make it there or have a plant in America and assemble the product here. A lot of the customer service representatives for companies are overseas. Companies are choosing to make these decisions because the pay for the workers is cheaper and not as many regulations as here in America.

The stock market crashing was a big contributor to this job loss mess but what is the government doing? The government is giving the companies and states a bail out to remain to pay workers and keep America afloat. NJ lost 20,200 jobs in September 2010 (Daks, 2010). Many states are this way. Jobs are being lost by tens of thousands. Some of the companies are getting money but still firing workers. More than 8 million Americans have lost their jobs, according to the government. Of those job losses, 700,000 stem from layoffs at just 25 companies (Hudson valley business, 2010).

These kinds of numbers are had to see and they are form huge companies like HP, AT&T, GM, and Citi group. The job loss is not only happening to the big companies, but to the small ones as well. Everyone is affected by this somehow, by knowing someone that is now on unemployment asking for extensions, or it happened to them personally. The country is rebuilding its self. The stock market is getting better and the states are looking better. The next part is to see how the states and the states and the communities are working together.

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