Job Security and Satisfaction

The issue whether a company’s long-term success depending on the job satisfaction and job security felt by employees is complex and controversial. Different people hold different ideas due to their own respective angles. Some people think that job satisfaction and job security are the most important things that a manager should consider, while others asserts that other factors such as productivity or extensive training play more important roles.

As far as I am concerned, however, I agree with the author. My opinion will be strengthened by the following discussions. The first reason to support my idea is that employees are one of the most important asserts of a company so managers should do whatever it need to maintain the high-quality personnel by increasing job security.

Take Lincoln Electric, which has enjoyed gains in productivity that far above those for manufacturing as a whole, for example, its managers believe that assurance workers have that innovations in methods will ultimately benefit themselves rather than cost them their jobs has significantly contributed to excellent results. Job security policies will also lead to more careful and leaner hiring, because the firm knows it cannot simply let people go quickly.

Besides, another reason to support my opinion is that job satisfaction also plays a fatal role in the success of the company. Job satisfaction of the workers greatly influences their performance, and thus overall productivity. The possibility that the employees who are not satisfied with their jobs jump to another company for a higher salary is much higher than that of employees who are satisfied. Companies that do well in establishing a well organized job satisfaction system have a high degree of loyalty from their employees; the loyalty is precious to the company.

Admittedly, other factors such as innovation and productivity are also important; however, innovations in work practices or productivity improvement are not likely to be sustained over time when workers fear that by increasing productivity they will work themselves out of their jobs or when they are not satisfied with their jobs. To sum up, given the reasons above, we may safely arrive the conclusion that seeing people as strategic assets rather than as costs is the key for the company to success in the long run.

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