John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech Analysis - Energy Essay Example

The youthful energy found in John F - John F. Kennedy Inaugural Speech Analysis introduction. Kennedy’s speech is evident throughout. He had just won a long hard fought campaign, yet chose not to focus on the policies that helped him win specifically. The goals he has are illustrated in strong appeals to emotion, by making a connection with the everyday American citizen. He personalizes his speech in looking forward to the future while using the past as an example. Kennedy remains active with his words by never relenting on the main goal he has of unison between two opposing forces.

In talking about all that he must deal with as a president and global icon striving for peace, he states, “I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it,” near the end of the speech. This shows his persistence as a leader and allows listeners to hear the strength of this determination. He shares his energy with the people, claiming that the goals of a better world can be attained if only effort by everyone is given. The activism in his words can most clearly be seen when he focuses on what both sides can do to solve the problem.


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His ultimate goal of peace between opposing forces becomes evident in his idea to, “bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations. ” “Absolute” lends to the strong diction used throughout his speech, and is used here to bring this example of zeugma together. He understands people are scared of the world, and he stands strongly before them showing someone out there is not afraid to negotiate for peace.

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