Journeys Can Often Involve a Choice Beong Made When Individuals Encounter Challenges

English assessment essay – Fernando “Journeys often involve a choice being made when individuals encounter challenges” Journeys are the movement from one place to another, however this movement may not be physical and the location need not be tangible. Journeys often involve challenges such as obstacles or adversities; these challenges require individuals to make a choice, these choices may not always be as obvious

Examples of journeys from the novel “The Color Purple” and the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” portray the protagonists making certain choices when they encounter hardships in their journey through life. “The Color Purple” is an epistolary novel by Alice Walker exploring the life of Celie through letters to God and her sister Nettie. Celie’s first challenge in the story is enduring a very tough childhood in the form of rape and abuse from her stepfather, Pa. She writes to God that “He never had a kine word to say to me” and then details how she was raped “he push his thing inside my pussy.

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When that hurt I cry. He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and git used to it”. Celie had a choice to rebel and fight back, however she just allows Pa to rape her, showing little resistance. The reason for this is because Celie knew she was weak and couldn’t overcome her his physical strength. Celie then ends up giving birth to a son, however Pa takes this child away from her. Another of Celie’s challenges is when she is forced into marriage with Mr. _____. Celie has no love for Mr. _____ or any of his children.

Once again she chose just to accept this, having no input for the situation. The results of her choice are that she has to work hard to care for a family she doesn’t love and a husband that abuses her like her father. After introduction to Mr. _____’s children, the eldest son attacks her– “He pick up a rock and laid my head open” yet she chooses not to complicate with the marriage and starts looking after Mr. _____’s two daughters “after bandaging my head best I can and cook dinner – I start trying to untangle hair”

Further examples of choices in journeys can be found in the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. This song is a first person narrative about the protagonists lonely journey through life. The protagonist of the story (dubbed “Jesus of Suburbia”) faces the challenge of a lonely life journey, and expresses his loneliness through extended metaphor of a “Lonely Road”. The choice involved is that the protagonist chose to “walk this lonely road” from the start. Some challenge or adversity must have forced this path upon them.

Whatever the situation, the choice was made and now the protagonist chose his way in life. “Jesus” now desires company stating that “sometimes I wish someone out there will find me” Another situation arises halfway through the song and it requires the protagonist to make a choice again. In the second verse the protagonist states that he is “walking down the line | that divides me somewhere in my mind | On the border line “. This stanza also employs use of metaphor as well as imagery to show the difficulty in making this choice.

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