Julius Caesar vs. Brutus Essay

In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, Brutus a passionate senator claims that Julius Caesar could be a threat to the Roman republic - Julius Caesar vs. Brutus Essay introduction. He supports his claim by comparing Caesar to a deadly snake. Brutus was a very good friend to Caesar and Caesar respected him dearly. Caesar was a very strong leader during battle but Brutus new that Caesar wasn’t meant for the throne. Brutus is conquered by the fact that he needs to kill Caesar or else the Rome republic will be in great danger. I agree that Brutus needs to kill Caesar because the people of Rome are more important than just one person.

I also disagree with Brutus’ decision because Caesar isn’t just one person he is his closest companion. To some extent I agree with Brutus because all Caesar wants is power and dictatorship and he will do anything to get it. For example, before Caesar is crowned he declares himself a god. Once Caesar goes down that path he is never going to go back. He is going to end up hurting the Roman empire more that helping them. For intense when Brutus says, “I know no person cause to spurn at him, But of the general. He would be crowned. this shows that Brutus loves Rome more than he loves Caesar. Therefore it does make Brutus an honorable man but to kill Caesar doesn’t make him anymore honorable. To another extent I believe that Brutus shouldn’t have killed Caesar. Brutus should have went to Caesar an asked him if he was going to except the crown. For instance, Brutus thinks of Caesar as a serpents egg that will eventually hatch; Before it does hatch Brutus will kill him in the shell. What Brutus is referring to is that before Caesar starts getting powerful and starts to change he will kill him.

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I also disagree with Brutus because Caesar is a very good friend to him. Caesar trusted Brutus dearly. All in all, I agree and disagree with Brutus’ decision to kill Caesar. It fascinates me because his perspective is different from any other persons. He believes that Caesar will be crowned king but he doesn’t deserve it. Brutus should have went to Caesar, before killing him, and ask him why he wanted to be king. Caesar also declared himself a god which wasn’t true. Brutus should’ve thought it through a lot more thoroughly before he made his decision.

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