Junk food; a slow poison

Junk Food: A Slow Poison

Junk food may be affordable and delicious, yet it is deadly. Examples of junk food include burger, pizza, hot dog, tacos, fries, biscuits, cookies, and soft drinks. Today many people are addicted to junk food. They grab junk food without planning to or making many decisions. Even when time is available, people still prefer to consume junk food rather than prepare a normal wholesome meal, which is healthier. Junk food is very popular around the world today. Junk food popularity is due the busy nature of the society in which we live. Junk food is also popular because of its price, good taste, availability, and attractive sight. In as much as junk food is advantageous, over consumption of junk food can be devastating to the health. Junk food contains elements like sodium, fat, and sugar, which when accumulated in the body can lead to numerous diseases. Hence, junk food can kill slowly like a slow poison. Junk food popularity is promoted by TV commercials, lack of nutrition knowledge, and environmental factors. Many people, especially children, are motivated by advertisements. TV commercials by junk food companies casting celebrities and football players consuming their products motivate children to consume junk food. They often get the impression if stars can consume junk food, then it is good. In addition, consumers of junk food are unaware of its health hazards.

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As a result, they go for junk food without thinking of its nutritional content. Unassuming consumers are unaware of its effects to the body. In addition, the environment in which people find themselves always contributes to their junk food habits. Some people consume junk food because they see others consuming it, and they wish to know how it tastes. Others consume junk food because people who have the habit of consuming junk food surround them. Junk food saves time and money. There are numerous junk food outlets, which makes junk food easily accessible. Students and workers with busy schedules grab junk food when they feel hungry. This saves time from cooking and time is gained for another activity. Junk food is always readily available, and can be gotten without getting out of the car. Also, junk food is affordable. A meal in a junk food restaurant containing a beverage, side dish and main dish can cost $5 while a normal wholesome meal in a classy restaurant will cost at least $25. Many people go in for junk food because it is cheap. With a few dollars, people can satisfy their appetite. Consuming junk food is a means of saving money, which can be helpful in sorting out other important issues. Due to the sumptuous consumption of junk food, there has been an increase in the number of reported health complications in our society today. Junk food has little or no nutrient value. In most cases, the food is filled with harmful fats, sugar, sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrates. As a result, consumers of junk food have a reduced level of essential nutrients thereby causing weakness in the body. The human body finds difficulties in digesting saturated fats. The accumulation of these fats leads to obesity, which is one of the most prominent effects of junk food. The presence of fats in the blood causes reduced oxygen levels and can lead to hypoxia: a pathological condition in which the body as a whole or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply.

Even the heart gets damage due to junk food consumption. Junk food contains an excessive amount of lipoproteins and cholesterol that are deposited on the inner linings of blood vessels when it is consumed in excess. This result in formation of plaques in the heart and the heart is required to put an extra effort in pumping blood through the arteries. Excess concentration of sodium ions from junk food causes increases heart blood pressure. Other heart diseases that may result include myocardial infraction, cardiac arrest, and atherosclerosis. Junk food has societal as well as economic effects. Due to an increase in the number of junk food industries, there has been stimulation in the economy. The junk food industries hire workers, and this has helped to reduce the rate of unemployment. With junk food, many people are becoming more social. Instead of spending most of their time at home, families and friends now leave their houses to chill out at junk food outlets and have their meals. Also, with the availability of junk food, many people can now afford a meal. This is because junk food is cheap and affordable by even the lowest income earners.

This has led to a decrease of starvation. However, junk food consumers still spend several dollars and time in the gym in order to lose weight when threatened by health hazards. Consumption of junk food with low fats, sugar, and sodium are needed in the body to derive energy for work and play, because the body needs all these substances. Junk food will also help save time and money. However, overconsumption of junk food is disadvantageous to the health because it causes numerous diseases. In order to reduce these health hazards, the population should be educated on the harmful effects of the over consumption of this low nutritional value food through TV commercials, newspapers and magazines. Also, health officials should check the nutritional value of the junk food produced by various industries. Taxes on junk food can also be raised to discourage its consumption. With these majors, they will be a tremendous decrease in health complications resulting from junk food consumption. In as much as low nutrient food is advantageous, over consumption of high-fat, high- sugar, and high-sodium foods can enable you eat yourself to your grave.

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