Juvenile offenders are also juvenile victims Essay

In my own opinion, the information presented in this lesson about juvenile victims helps in explaining their behavior and what causes them to commit crimes - Juvenile offenders are also juvenile victims Essay introduction. There are juvenile victims who are not really bad in their nature, but they are forced to commit crimes for survival. Learning this information about juvenile victims will contribute to easier understanding of the nature of the juvenile victims and of how they will be judged according to the law.

Juvenile offenders are also juvenile victims. The experiences of the juvenile victims have a direct relationship with their capability to commit juvenile crime. As mentioned in the General Theory of Crime and the Interactional Theory, the immediate environment of the juvenile victims has helped in shaping their behaviors. However, the other people could directly or indirectly affect the experiences of these victims by the type of relationship that they have. For example, the parents of a juvenile victim are both drug addicts and that they are physically abusing their son/daughter. If the parents of the victim have stopped supporting their children, then the eldest son/daughter will be forced to steal in order for his/her siblings to live. This experience will then make the eldest son/daughter a juvenile victim because he/she has no choices but to do things that will help them in their survival.

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Juvenile offenders are also juvenile victims
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I think that the authorities in Washington DC should focus more on improving the lifestyle within the communities. They should provide outlets for the youths, especially those that are from broken or dysfunctional families. These youths should have a support program so that they could ask help without getting embarrassed about it. Lastly, the parents should be knowledgeable about juvenile delinquency so that they could ‘guard’ the behaviors of their sons/daughters so as they could avoid their sons/daughters from being juvenile delinquents.

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