Kanto, Japan Essay

Kanto is located near the center of Honshu, the main island of Japan - Kanto, Japan Essay introduction. The population of Kanto is about 80 percent of the total population of Japan, about 100 million people. Average temperatures in Kanto are 3�C in winter, 13�C in spring, 25�C in summer, and 17� in fall. However, in higher altitudes, the temperature is cooler.

Kanto contains Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The population of Tokyo is about 12 million. The average temperatures in Tokyo are very similar to the average temperatures of Kanto. Snow falls very rarely in this city; when it does, it usually melts as it hits the ground. In July and August, Tokyo becomes very hot and humid, and there are occasional typhoons.

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Mount Fuji is a famous Kanto site. It is an ancient volcano and the tallest mountain in Japan. Climbers usually go up the mountain on the first day, stay overnight on the mountain, and then climb back down the next day. Although you can only climb it during a short summer season, because of snow, 150,000 to 200,000 people of all ages climb this beautiful and sacred mountain.

Another famous site in Kanto is the Imperial Gardens and Hibiya Park. Hibiya Park was opened in 1903 and is a western style park that contains dogwoods given to the Japanese in return for the Washington D.C. cherry blossom trees. The Imperial Palace is located in the Imperial Gardens and is opened to the public on New Year’s Day and the emperor’s birthday. Huge carp swim throughout the park. The picture to the left is of Nijubashi bridge, which offers the best view of the palace.

Harajuku would be a very interesting place to visit in Kanto. This part of Tokyo is filled with stores and parks aimed specifically at Japan’s teenagers. It’s popularity began with the 1964 Olympics in the area. The streets are filled with shops containing different styles popular in Japan: the “cute Japanese” look, the “cool American” look, and the “rebellious British” look.

Another recommended place to visit in Japan is the Ginza. The Ginza is filled with high priced shops and restaurants. People dress up to shop here. It contains the Sony Building, which contains the newest technology, Kabuki-za Theatre, a traditional Japanese Kabuki theater, and Tsukiji Honganji Temple, an Indian style Buddhist temple, among other things. A standout attraction in the Ginza is the Nakajin Capsule Apartment Building. This building was built in 1974 and each room is three meters by five meters. Each room contains a bed with household appliances surrounding it.

Kanto is a great place to visit because it contains both modern and old Japan. It has something for all ages. It has a beautiful landscape and a warm climate. The contrast of urban and rural areas in Kanto would give you plenty to do.

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