Karen Barton the Senior

Read the case “Leadership Development: Perk or Priority” case. To begin, discuss your understanding of the challenge faced by Barton. Identify and discuss the reommendation/viewpoint you agree with and explain why you agree with that approach (provide plenty of detail). In addition, select one of the viewpoints you disagree with and explain why you disagree with that approach. Provide your response in a 1-2 page (double-spaced, APA format) paper. Karen Barton the senior vice president of HR of Zendal Pharmaceuticals was extremely upset because her education budget was cut by 75%.

If they cut her budget by 75% this will lead to no leadership development program. If there is not a development program they cannot start the Zendal University. By lowering the budget is going to create more problems for the business because it was already in debt for $300 million. I believe that cutting the budget in the HR department is not the right thing to do. The HR department is linked to all other departments in the in the companying because they rely on their direction.

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Most companies cut budgets when sales are down cutting out the training budget in the HR departments. When sales slow down and budgets are stretched thin, many businesses turn to the training budget as the first place to cut. Many manager’s believe that they would be wise to delay training until business becomes more profitable. In reality, this is the time to look carefully at how your employees are being trained, and what types of skills they can develop to make them more effective in their jobs.

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