Karen Marcus: A Collage Artist

Karen Marcus: A Collage Artist

Karen Marcus is a Canadian mixed media artist - Karen Marcus: A Collage Artist introduction. She chose this kind of medium because she loves its tactile quality. Marcus specifically likes how simple  colors transform into a multidimensional shape. This process somewhat bewilders her on how the painting turns out to be textural. Her paintings are mostly composed of gauze, corrugated cardboard, watercolor, crayons, sand, acrylic inks, tissue, acrylic and oriental papers. These elements are incorporated in the painting to give some dimension. The subject or theme of Karen’s artworks were derived by her trip with her husband, Glenn Marcus, to France and Italy and her fondness for  flowers. According to Karen, “Working with collage and mixed-media is a freeing of the spirit for me and it has very much defined my style: vivid colors, bold images and strong textures” (Karen Marcus Artist’s Statement).

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As a self-taught artist, Karen received numerous awards from respected organizations such as at the FCA Volunteer &Daler Rowney Shows where got an Honorable Mention for her painting of “Summer Offering” and also at the FCA United Nations Golden Anniversary Celebration, she was the second placer for “Sea Gathering.” As a renowned artist, Karen also presented numerous exhibitions from 1995 to 2001 where she sold some of her artworks (Federation of Canadian Artists Karen Marcus, AFCA).

In 1993, Karen became a member of the non-profit organization Federation of Canadian Artists, which is aimed at the  “promotion and professional development of artists, and services for art collectors.” More so in 2001, she was given an AFCA Signature status which is achieved by those who have demonstrated superior artistic skills. (Federation of Canadian Artists). Aside from being a collage artist, Marcus is also a travel and photography enthusiast. In connection with this, she produces a collection of art and note cards in order for her and her husband to share their “moments of travels” to other people (Karen Marcus Artist’s Statement).

















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