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Kaugnay na Pag-aaral ng Literatura Sample

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Ang Pag-aaral sodium ito ay mayroon pealing ilang sandigan na pag-aaral sodium isinigawa nanogram ibang indibidwal O grupo. Ang mga pag-aaral na ito ay pawanag tumutukoy rin SA sikolohikal at iba stab aspeto ng pananaw nanogram mga Taoist tungkol SA mga estratihiya SA epektibong pag-aaral.

Isa SA mga kaugnay na pag-aaral ay Air National Guard pananaliksik na isinagawa ni Hope L Graven ( 2008 ) . Sinasaad sa kanyang pag-aaral sodium nakalagay SA Ingles “the relationship between an Individual’s sum of caffeine ingestion during his/her survey session and the person survey wonts showed that the chief consequence of imbibing caffeine on exam readying was non important.

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Kaugnay na Pag-aaral ng Literatura Sample
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There were participants. 20 male and 59 female college pupils ( N=78 ) . answered self evaluations on their personal ingestion of caffeine every bit good as their survey wonts when fixing for a test/exam. It was hypothesized that the more caffeine a pupil consumes while analyzing. the more accurately his or her survey wonts would be labeled every bit ‘unhealthy’ as determined by the research workers.

Unhealthy survey wonts were operationally defined as low tonss on sum of clip per survey session. clip ( in yearss ) when readying began. and sum of information the participants believed they had retained. High tonss on anxiousness degree were included in their ‘ unhealthy ‘ habits a individual correlativity indicated no relationship between sum of caffeine consumed while analyzing and single effectivity of analyzing and readying.

Isa pang pag-aaral Air National Guard isinagawa nina Marcus Crede at Nathan R. Kuncel ( 2008 ) sa University of Albany. Sinasabi sa kanilang pananaliksik SA wikang Ingles “Study wont. accomplishment. and attitude stock lists and concepts were found to equal standardised trials and old classs as forecasters of academic public presentation. giving significant incremental cogency in foretelling academic public presentation. The meta-analysis examined the concept cogency and prognostic cogency of 10 survey accomplishment concepts for college pupils. They found that survey accomplishment stock lists and concepts are mostly independent of both high school classs and tonss on standardised admittances trials but reasonably related to assorted personality concepts ; these consequences were inconsistent with old theories.

Study motive and survey accomplishments exhibit the strongest relationships with both grade point norm and classs in single categories. They besides said that Academic specific anxiousness was found to be an of import negative forecaster of public presentation. In add-on. important fluctuation in the cogency of specific stock lists is shown. Tonss on traditional survey wont and attitude stock lists are the mostpredictive of public presentation. whereas tonss on stock lists based on the popular depth-of-processing position are shown to be least prognostic of the examined standards. Overall. survey wont and accomplishment steps improve anticipation of academic public presentation more than any other non cognitive single difference variable examined to day of the month and should be regarded as the 3rd pillar of academic success”

Kaugnay na Literatura

Gumamit blare Air National Guard mga mananaliksik ng mga gawaing imprenta at literature chafing SA makabagong medya bilang sandigan ng pag-aaral sodium ito. Ilan dito ay Air National Guard mga sumusunod.

Ayon SA isang artikulo SA “internet” sodium may pamagat na “Effective Study Skills” ni Dr. Bob Kizlik. There is small uncertainty that no two people study the same manner. and it is a close certainty that what works for one individual may non work for another. However. there are some general techniques that seem to bring forth good consequences. No 1 would reason that every topic that you have to take is traveling to be so interesting that analyzing it is non work but pleasance. We can merely wish.

Everyone is different. and for some pupils. analyzing and being motivated to larn comes of course. If you are reading this page. it’s likely that you are non one of them. but don’t desperation. there is hope! Your success in high school and college is dependent on your ability to analyze efficaciously and expeditiously. The consequences of hapless survey accomplishments are otiose clip. defeat. and low or neglecting classs. It’s your life. your clip. and your hereafter. All I can state. upon contemplation of many old ages as a instructor. is that clip is cherished and non to be squandered. no affair what you believe right now.

Ayon naman SA artikulo na nanggaling sa to-study. com ( 2009 ) . pupils who are really successful in their coveted calling have good survey wonts. It is stated in the web site that pupils apply these wonts to all of their categories. The web site besides recommends some tips in bettering survey wonts. The web site besides suggests that the pupil should seek non to analyze all the topics in merely a period. The web site besides added that if you try to make excessively much analyzing at one clip. you will pall and your perusal will non be really effectual. Space the work you have to make over shorter periods of clip. Taking short interruptions will reconstruct your mental energy.


Paraan. Pamamaraan at Pagtrato SA Datos

Disenyo ng Pag-aaral

Ang Pag-aaral sodium ito ay ginamitan nanogram mga mananaliksik nanogram diskriptibong metodolohiya nanogram pananaliksik. Ginamit ng mananaliksik Air National Guard paraan ng obserbasyon SA pamamagitan nanogram “survey” . Ang disenyong ito Air National Guard napili ng mga mananaliksik pagkat ito ay Air National Guard pinaka akmang gawin upang malaman Air National Guard kasagutan sa mga salik ng paksa.


Guamamit ng instrumento Air National Guard mga mananaliksik upang malaman ang mga kasagutan SA isinagawang iba’t ibang pag-aaral. Gumamit ang mga mananaliksik nanogram mga talatanungan o “questionnaire” SA pagsagawa ng pag-aaral. Ang talatanungan ay isang instrumentong ginagamit ng mga mananaliksik na naglalaman ng iba’t ibang katanungan na nais itanong na mga mananaliksik na may iisang paksa na naglalalyon na makakalap ng datos at mga impormasyon. Ito ang ginagamit nanogram mga mananaliksik pagkat ito Air National Guard pinaka angkop na instrumentng gamitin parity SA isang “survey” .


Ang pananaliksik sodium ito ay isinagawa SA pamamagitan nanogram pag pili SA mga taong pagtatanungan SA iba’t ibang antas ng buong populasyon nanogram FEU. Ang bawat isang katugon ay binigyan ng mga serye nanogram katanungan sa loob nanogram sapat na haba ng oras. Matapos sagutan ay nilikom ng mga mananaliksik Air National Guard mga talatunugan at binigyang interpretasyon Air National Guard mga datos na nakalap. Huling hakbangin SA pananaliksik ay ang pagsasa-ayos ng imporamsyonsa iba’t ibang uri

Pagtrato SA datos

Ang mga datos na nakalap ay binigyan at pinag ukulan ng mananaliksik nanogram sapat na oras at binigyan ng matinding pansin. Tinrato ang mga datos na nakalap sa istatistikal na pagtrato upang maging ganap na impormasyon na mas kapaki-pakinabang at mabdaling maintindihan ng mga Taoist. Ang “mode” ay Air National Guard kinuha ng mananaliksik. Ang pormulang % =f/n ay syang ginamit parity SA pagkuha nanogram porsyento. Matapos nito. Air National Guard mga datos ay nilatag SA anyong tabular. grapikal at tekstwwal parity mom amdaling maunawaan Air National Guard mga impormasyon.

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Kaugnay na Pag-aaral ng Literatura Sample. (2017, Jul 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/kaugnay-na-pag-aaral-ng-literatura-essay-sample-1545/

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