Key to College Success

College is one of the most important phases of student life. It can get tough because of numerous activities but the goals are undoubtedly achievable when the things asked, are done correctly. Though there is no authority or anyone’s interference all the time, college can get very stressful at times. Most people will say intelligence is necessary to succeed in college but the truth is managing time skillfully, studying regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to thrive in college.

Managing time efficiently is the key to flourish in college. Keeping informed with the course schedules and announcements will help the students to stay organized. A good student should invest in a good planner, whether it is a manual planner or a smartphone application. It can be a lifesaver if used on regular basis. Nowadays there are very good applications that could be downloaded on smartphones. These applications also send notifications so that nothing important is missed. The schedules of all courses for that semester can be added to the smart planner, which will help the student to plan ahead of time. Planning and prioritizing every week’s activities helps students to keep the stress levels at rest. It helps to avoid confusion, manage school and personal life smoothly. Time management is the skill that a student must learn to succeed in college.

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Regularity and consistency are necessary for academic success. A student should make all efforts to be regular in studies. It is very important to attend class every day because a huge percentage of grades include class activities. A class is the primary source of learning and making a good impression on professors. Professors recommend students to study at least two to three hours every day outside the school for each course. Paying attention to the course material in class and reviewing the notes after class helps the students to retain all the information. The information taught in the class stays in the short-term memory only for a short period of time. Going over it, again and again, is the best way to store that information in the long-term memory. Taking breaks every ninety minutes from studying has proved to be beneficial for students during tests. It has shown improvement in attention and focusing abilities of the students. There are a variety of secondary sources like libraries, writing center, math workshops, office hours; that students should utilize to gain advice and clarification to improve grades.

Research has shown that adequate sleep is required for storage of memory. If a student is deprived of sleep, then the student cannot focus with complete attention and learning does not happen efficiently. Sleep also has a role in the consolidation of memory, which is a process of storing memory in long-term memory storage. This memory can be recalled later. Meditation helps to strengthen working memory. Berries have proven to be beneficial for long-term memory because of the high content of flavonoids. Flavonoids have proven to strengthen the existing connections in the brain, which explains why berries improve long-term memory. An adequate amount of sleep is necessary to recover and boost energy levels.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps students to stay physically fit and mentally alert. Regular exercise for thirty minutes improves the blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body and the brain. Adequate oxygen levels are essential for the brain to function proficiently. Working out reduces stress levels in the body by reducing adrenaline and cortisol levels. It also improves the ability to sleep, which also reduces stress. It stimulates the production of endorphins that elevates the mood. Few minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects in the body. Again consistency in exercising, diet, meditation, and sleep is must in regulating a balance between mind and body.

Being successful in college is an easy and achievable task if the students show dedication and consistency in their performance. This plan educates the students about the important skills that are easily achievable to be successful. Thus, the student does not need to be only intelligent to succeed in college. These skills will not only help the student to thrive in college but will also make the student ready to overcome any obstacle in the future. Learning is a never-ending process. Along with this path of learning, mistakes are bound to happen but learning from these mistakes is what will make a person successful in life.

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