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Khmer Rouge and Stable Communist Environment

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How is it that between the Cambodian Genocide and the Holocaust, over eight million people were killed? The similarities and differences between the Cambodian Genocide and the Holocaust are both disturbing yet interesting. To understand how alike and dissimilar these two events are you must consider three things, which are: the cause, courses, and effects.

The Cambodian Genocide was lit up by a man named Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot. He was a Cambodian Revolutionary as well as the man who created a communist group known greatly as The Khmer Rouge.

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Khmer Rouge and Stable Communist Environment
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Pol Pot and Hitler are similar in this way because Hitler also created a political power party known as the Nazis. Both of these leaders were important dictators who created murderous groups. Additionally, this wasn’t the only similarity between the two because Pol Pot and hitler both promised something they couldn’t back up. Pol Pot promised a stable communist environment , while Hitler promised a big change in their country.

Neither of them were actually doing this for the better, but rather for themselves because they both wanted to have absolute power. The difference between the two of them was that Pol Pot had attempted stability and communism by trying to isolate Cambodia, giving the subtle hint that he would rather be somewhat of an underdog and safe, rather than on top and over powerful. In this case, Hitler was the exact opposite. Hitler wanted to be on top; he wanted to be the top dog. He wanted to make Germany a better country but his view and their view were much different. Hitler didn’t want to make it better for the less fortunate, he just wanted to make it better for the, already to be know as, higher class. Furthermore, the way Pol Pot and Hitler ran things were very different but in the long run, they both had the same outcome: world wide tragedy for everyone but themselves.

During the Cambodian Genocide and the Holocaust, many roles of symbolization came into play. For instance, throughout the Genocide everyone was forced to wear black pants and black shirts and in the Holocaust all jews were forced to wear prisoner clothing and of course, the star of david at all times. These weren’t the only rules that were very strict. In Cambodia, if you wore glasses you were automatically death sentenced because you were considered to be different and in the Holocaust, you were refrained from wearing shoes. These harsh rules were just the begging of the torture for either countries. Throughout the course of these events, the very serious situations began to occur. In Cambodia, the torture began with labor fields, carried on with starvation and ended with execution but in the Holocaust everything was just thrown at them at once with the death camps and the gas chambers. Nobody can make any exception about not remembering the last step in the Holocaust which was the final solution.

Pol Pot and Hitler had very different views on how to carry out the “organization” of things. Hitler believed that only very particular people should carry on at the death camps and the rest were thrown into the gas chambers-such as women, child, weak, and certain age groups-. Pol Pot had little stereotypes such as grouping anyone intellectual, wealthy, or high class and they were to be executed together because they were “different”. The ones that lived through that, had little hope, but still more than the ones going through the Holocaust. One more thing that was similar between the Genocide and the Holocaust was that the population decreased dramatically. In Cambodia, people disappeared daily from camps and the starvation was killing quickly. In Germany, an estimated 4,000 or more jews were killed every single day from either being murdered, freezing, or starving. These deaths were nothing to be taking lightly, yet not enough people took it serious enough. This is one of the reasons both of these events were not stopped until it was too late.

The effects of both of these treacherous events were devastating. An estimated 20% of the Cambodian population were murdered throughout four years under the power of the Khmer Rouge. In Germany an estimated six million jews were murdered between the time period of 1933-1945 under the power of Hitler and the Nazis. The punishment wasn’t enough for either but at least the Nazis had to go threw the Nuremberg trials.

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