Kid Kustomers

Eric Schlosser is indeed correct about the changing trends in marketing and advertising and I agree with him that there is an increased focus on children in advertising. This is clear from the kind of content that one is likely to watch on television nowadays where the content has been to a large scale focused towards things that are of interest to children. The question that one would ask from reading the article is whether the trend is right or whether the marketing companies are losing the right objective of marketing by focusing it towards children. In my opinion, focusing on children in marketing is an approach that is bound to be successful for any company. Children constitute a very sensitive part of the society and this means that the other members of the community such as their brothers and sisters will always strife to do whatever it takes in order to make them happy. It is for this reason that on realization by parents that they were no longer spending much time with their children, they feel guilty about it and will therefore do anything possible in order to make them happy.

This is also the case with their elder siblings where they come up with a way of making up for this time by buying them what they wanted. By making children happy and attracted to a particular product, one does not only create market for the children but also creates market among the people who will want to see them happy. When Schlosser mentions the ability of children to create an early association with brands in the market he reminds me of my young age when I got attached to the Coca Cola logo before I had even learnt to talk. I would actually say that Coca Cola was my first word to learn before I even went to school and before I even learnt to pronounce my name. This is because my parents bought be soda form time to time and it was the most exciting drink for me. With time I had to learn how to identify the drink so that I could communicate it to my parents whenever I wanted a drink. In this way the Coca Cola logo was imprinted in my mind and has since remained in my mind. It still remains my favorite drink and this is also the same with many of my friends.

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To conclude I would say that the article precisely captures the reasoning behind most of the companies today producing goods that are directed to the children. Children’s advertising has been increasing over the years and is set to become more rampant in the future. Parents today are in fact spending more money on their children that they are spending on themselves and this means for a company to capture the greatest market then it cannot ignore the role that children play. The trick to capturing this market is by making children attracted to the products a company offers. If the child does not see any need for the product or is not attracted to it in any way then they will not bother asking their parents to purchase it.

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