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Kidzmondo Lebanon

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INTRODUCTION & OUTLINE Some of you heard about the new “world” that has been created in Lebanon, and some of you didn’t. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a children’s world, where kids can be adults. It is a theme park where kids can work, drive, shop, travel, and do so many other activities. In what follows, I will introduce you to people behind this achievement, define KidzMondo, explain its rules, and what types of safety it contains.

SO WHO ARE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS ACHEIVEMENT? ALI KAZMA graduated from L. A. U. with a BS degree in Business Administration.

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Kidzmondo Lebanon
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He is a CEO at Kazma Group, a Vice President in Comoro Gulf Holding, and the Chairman of KidzMondo.

HIND BERRI graduated from L. A. U with a MA degree in International Affairs. Hind Berri worked as a teacher, she became a Co-owner at Kzone Outdoor Advertising Company, she was a Human Recourse Manager attar, and she is the Vice Chairman of KidzMondo. HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THE IDEA? Hind and Ali felt that children in Lebanon have no places where fun and education are found together, they have no physical and logical activities, which could lead to a generation who depend only on technological development.

So they provided a solution to parents, hoping for a productive generation. I WILL NOW MOVE TO EXPLAIN THE CONCEPT OF KIDZMONDO. KidzMondo is an indoor theme park designed for kids between 2 and 14 years of age and their parents. It’s a kid-sized replica of a real city where children play adult roles in a highly realistic environment. Activities are designed to be fun and academic and seek to teach children citizenship rules and values. KidzMondo Lebanon is located in Downtown Beirut in the waterfront District, and spreads more than 10,300 m2 built-up area.

Please let us together watch this video that briefly explains its concept. With 55 exciting establishments and over 80 opportunities for adventure, the city is a wonderland of fun and learning that can make children dream. As with a real city, there are many places to explore such as: Bank, Theater, Supermarket, Hospital, Fire station, Radio station, T. V. studio, Newspaper, Driving school, etc. Each of these destinations has something different to teach. HAVING UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPT OF KIDZMONDO, I WILL NOW INFORM YOU ABOUT THE RULES TO BE FOLLOWED INSIDE THE PARK.

Like any other city KidzMondo has its own currency used ONLY inside the theme park which is Kidlarz. Also it has its constitution where kids’ rights and duties are guarded. The Constitution applies to ALL Kidizens: 1. All Kidizens are Equal and United in play. 2. Kidizens have the right to be Happy and Free. 3. Kidizens have the right to Explore, Discover and be Curious about the World. 4. Kidizens have the right to Express themselves and be Creative. 5. Kidizens have the right to be treated with Respect. 6. Kidizens are always Polite, Honest and Kind. 7.

Kidizens have the duty to Respect others including their elders. 8. Kidizens have a duty to Help others where they can. 9. Kidizens have a duty to Protect nature and the environment. 10. Kidizens have their rights and duties guarded by the constitution of KidzMondo. HOW DO THEY GO INSIDE AND EXPLORE? Kidz pass by the KidzMondo airport first to get their boarding pass, a map of a city, a RFID bracelet, and a check. They pass by a scanner and they check in. In the park the kid first goes to the bank switches the check with 50 kidlarz, and then starts exploring.

If all the money was spent, the kid should work in a profession to earn money again and continues his/her journey. A parent can be with the child, peeking through the windows, but doesn’t participate. There is more than one parents lounge and an outdoor sitting area too. NOW THAT YOU ARE WELL INFORMED ABOUT KIDZMONDO, YOU CERTAINELY ARE WONDERING HOW SAFE KIDS WILL BE. KidzMondo utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technologies like RFID Bracelets as well as a professional security force on the ground assisted by over 250 cameras around the park to ensure the safety of children.

As a child entertainment and education facility, every inch of the park is carefully designed to ensure that all safety aspects are covered. CONCLUSION As a conclusion, KidzMondo is an “Edutainment” place where education and entertainment meet for the sake of children to be more responsible and to have fun at the same time. It is a theme park where children play adults roles to have the chance to decide what they want to be in the future. Finally, I recommend every parent to keep their children away from technology, give them the chance to experience life, and live like grown-ups do.

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Kidzmondo Lebanon. (2016, Oct 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/kidzmondo-lebanon/

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