“Killing Us Softly 3” Movie Review

“Killing Us Softly 3” Movie Review

Manifestations of prejudice against women of today’s world are undeniably evident in advertising. This was what the 2000 highly-acclaimed documentary entitled “Killing Us Softly 3,” which was starred by Jean Kilbourne, effectively imparted to the public. Focusing on the apparent demeaning and unfair treatments accorded to women, the film used the field of Advertising wherein the negative image of women and its eventual damaging implications were concretely exposed.

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            In particular, the harmful issue of women stereotyping as illustrated in almost all kinds of advertisements was clearly exemplified in the film. The manner how such kind of partiality was committed against women was vividly portrayed in the movie when it presented and emphasized the destructive psychological implications of the said typecasting of women in Advertising. While the movie was made in such a way that it showed comedy and cleverness, the slideshow production is to be noted for its daring and comprehensive effort to make the public realize the repulsive or disgusting representation of women in Advertising. The film used specific examples such as women being labeled as nothing but sex objects where their abnormally skinny bodies and manipulated camera-perfect appearances were obviously revealed in a humiliating manner. The women being subjected to Advertising stereotyping was also made clear by the film when the slide presentation stressed that the said harmful advertising reflections of women definitely destroyed the overall nature of women particularly when they wrongly determined the mainstream outlooks and actions towards women (“Killing Us Softly 3,” 1999).

            The film has indeed posed significance about women concerns as well as how their abilities and helplessness are played up in Advertising. The movie opened the minds of the public and ignited the consciousness of people that the said stereotyping, which slowly kills women’s image, must cease to exist thereby avoiding their further destruction.


Jhally, S. (1999). Killing Us Softly 3. USA: Media Education Foundation.


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