Kindness is one of the most important aspects of a thriving community - Community Essay Example

There are many things that contribute to a community’s well being - Kindness is one of the most important aspects of a thriving community introduction. There is, of course, the basic needs; availability of food and water, shelter, availability of jobs, and other necessities. However, there are also the less thought of aspects, such as respect, responsibility, citizenship, and kindness. These are vital to a community that wants to foster happiness and bonds that will help it overcome obstacles. Everyone needs to do their part, respect the property and boundaries of others, and be a team player.

However, none of this can happen without there first being a sense of friendship. Friendship is created when people are kind to each other. Kindness is one of the most important aspects of a thriving community. Without kindness, no one will respect each other or hold up their responsibilities, and the comunity will be weak. When people are kind to each other, they will respect each other because they will harbour no ill feelings toward each other, and therefore will feel more inclined to help each other out and not harm other people or their property.


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With kindness comes a sense of teamwork; no one individual is alone, because everyone is willing to give each other a hand and work together for the good of the community. This makes a stronger community that will be able to overcome obstacles and work together to get through rough times. When people are kind, even in small amounts, it comes back to them, sometimes in valuable oppourtunities. If they show kindness bit by bit all the time, then they will recieve more kindness as well.

They will also be encouraging those around them to show kindness to others. When one person, or group of people, show kindness, it improves kindness all around them like a domino effect. Therefore, if someone shows kindness not only does it make someone else feel better, it will also make them feel better in the long run. This improves community moral and will make everyone more willing to work together, and less conflict will arise. It also means that the individual will recieve more oppourtunities, because they will be recognized for their kindness.

They may get a job oppourtunity, where an employer would like to hire someone who is kind, or they may make more business relations and make their already existing career more successful. When there is more kindness, there is less crime. For example, if a teenager is going through a rough period of time, they may feel inclined to commit a crime. However, if that teenager were shown kindness, they might feel better and be less likely to commit the crime. When there is less crime, the community feels safer and people are more open with each other, so moral will be higher and friendship bonds will be made.

This could mean that less money is spent on cleaning vandalism or repairing broken objects, and therefore the money could be spent on more recreational things, or events that would build community spirit like carnivals. This would make the community tight knit and comfortable to be in. Although it is something not thought about often, kindness is extremely vital to a community’s well being. It fosters other important qualities, like respect and responsibility, improves moral, opens up oppourtunities for individuals, and reduces crime.

Because of this, the community will be stronger and more likely to survive problems that may arise, people will be happier in general and more successful, and they will be able to spend more time and energy on fun activities. This makes a community that feels safe, is happy, and works together like a unit. Many people within the community will find friendship, and those who need aid at certain times will recieve it. Without kindness a community will be distrustful and could fall apart easily, so a very small thing can make a very big difference.

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