Korea and Ted Talk Ted

“My escape from North Korea” Summary: Honesty Lee saw her first public execution at age 7 - Korea and Ted Talk Ted introduction. A child growing up In North Korea, the moment affected her, but she didn’t understand the government repression going on around her. Lee was very scared on her roundels to save her family from being Jailed. She crossed them through the border but once they got there they got Jailed.

Lee spent almost all of her money to free her family from Call but once that happened her family got Jailed again and she was at the lowest point of her life, she said. She was at a loss for what to do next to free her family again. She had no money, had no other options, and was scared for her entire family. Reflection: Lee’s story is powerful and a good reminder that getting to freedom is only half the battle. She provided a human story of love, strength, and bravery.


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She also didn’t Ochs the story completely on her, but on the plight of her people and gave thanks to “strangers” for their love and support. It’s ironic, however, that we (most in the media and the uninformed demographic of outsiders) see her country as just that… Strangers in a strange place in time. Think you’re having a rough life… This woman’s journey – hunger, hiding from North Korean and Chinese police, facing death, passing bodies in the river. Eventually, she attempts to save her family ? so courageous.

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