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Korea apparel industry 2010 by www - Korea Apparel Industry introduction. buyusa. gov/korea/en/iprtoolkit. html 15 ppts introduce the fashion retail market after the recession in 2008. It recovers in short time as the demand of luxury brands by the high end consumers and the visitors from Japan and China. It shows the retail structure of Korea’s dept stores’ structure. Show the sales figures of big 4 dept stores. The best sale dept store is Lotte dept store. Also, lotte and samsung operates discount stores and Samsung have franchised the Tesco.

All merchandises of these stores are forbidden to be sold in dept stores. Figure show the market share of fashion industry in 2009. Korean favorites in priority, Women’s wear(USD5. 08 billion), Fashion Accessories(USD3. 17 billion), causal wear(USD3. 08 billion), Men’s wear(USD2. 92 billion), Sportswear(USD 2. 50 billion) From the figures, it shows women love to buy the causal wear and fashion accessories, all the stuffs for easy to carry and mix and match. Although the consumers confidence have been rised.


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From the figure shows the favorite fashion import countries, Korean love to buy the fashion wear from Italy, US and Japan so as to the fast fashion such as Zara from Spain, H&M and Hollister from US, Topshop from UK, Uniqlo from Japan, and many global SPA brands have plan to launch or expand in Korea. Because of satisfying contemporary consumer trends with the concept of one-stop shopping. By this behavior , the leader Korea fashion house such as Samsung Group keeps to launch their own SPA brand as 8 seconds , Mixxoa nd SPAO by E-land. SPA brands grow up more than department stores as the style of Korean.

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