Kudler Fine Foods’ Frequent Shopper Program

Kudler fine foods are based out of several locations out of the state of California. The driving objective is for Kudler Fine Foods is to accomplish maximum profit by way of providing quality products at competitive prices to other competitors. Furthermore, Kudler fine foods has plans for future growth by expanding of the services by a sharpening the efficiency of their operation. Kudler Fine Foods also like to increase loyalty and profits to their organization and has been arrested in developing a system to track customer purchase through frequent shopper program to award loyalty points for redemption.

Introduction In order to start this process Kudler Fine Foods we will first need certain elements that must be deployed before hand, we will be discussing the legal, ethical and security considerations for the development of this program to launch. And we will combine the separate entities into an operational system in order to track purposes of individual customers this way we are able to track the customers loyalty points for redemption for specialty foods and gift items and other products made available by our partnership companies.

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Ethical considerations Ethical Considerations of Frequent Shopper Program The frequent shopper program is subject to a certain degree of ethical consideration, it has been determined that the customers’ privacy will be under close evaluation in order to maintain a high degree of privacy and a overall good practice of integrity. The e-commerce has established that we will follow procedure with the protection of sensitive and personal data for our corporation and also the individuals who are considered to be our consumers.

All in any contracts will be within accordance with the state’s law and Federal guidelines to protect our customers as well as the establishment. Our web sites will provide information of the business that is authentic and reliable to our customers. Legal Considerations of Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Foods and Electronic Commerce has an abundance of legal considerations in conjunction with the development for the Frequent Shopper Program. The online or electronic contracts in transition will be legally bound according to the law as follows.

For the approval of an on one order the business organization is required to have a physical signature. Any customer who would like to make a business contract online will and should be provided the facility of printing and storing a certified copy of all the terms and conditions. E-commerce regulations will all the business organization responsible to make their advertising and promotions strategies within legal guidelines of the law. Furthermore that will be consideration made by organization’s that have different taxation laws in consideration of an international country.

In accordance to the information principle the organization’s will be required to verify specific information regarding their business which it will provide to the recipient on the online service to the E-commerce regulations. Security Considerations of Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Foods will have legal considerations that will be required by all store locations that is probably the most important part of the E-commerce within a frequent shopper program. Protecting the establishment and the customers is the main consideration and obligation in security.

By protecting web sites and the use of technology by different organizations will be in consideration to prevent invalid personnel from invading. Any business organization that is operating the comers must secure their data at all times, customers of whom will do transactions will prompt all organizations to secure and safe all of their electronically sent and received information about them in a specially on a financial level. Viruses and cyber terrorism will also be taken into consideration and customers will be prompted to validate their accounts and identities before entering a secure platform.

Other security considerations or the efficient imposition of the intellectual property rights within all business transactions on E-commerce will also be under security considerations. Description of the financial analysis A financial analysis would justify all expenditures throughout this process. A review of all financial analysis and data base for all the expenditures will be done by setting aside a budget of all the expenditures and revenue made by kudler Fine Foods.

Financial statements will provide a comparison of revenue or either expenditures showing an increase or a decrease annually. This will prove the revenue whether a decrease or increase to a specific digit and intricate decisions can be made from the data collected from this process. Analysis for Kudler Fine Foods Conclusion This overall system is to provide a logical ethical, legal and security considerations for Kudler Fine Foods. The scope is to generate a reasonable deployed business system that will operate and keep track of the frequent shopper program.

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