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laheys teaching technique

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After reading the introductory notes, I believe that the most important point that was presented in the notes was the definition of psychology. In order to understand the different causes and effects of psychology, you must first be able to know and understand the definition of it. Lahey defines psychology as the sciences of behavior and mental processes, and then he elaborates the meaning to make sure that we fully understand the definition of psychology. Unlike any other sciences, psychology is the only science where you use the mind to study the mind.

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laheys teaching technique
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I believe that the second most important point that Lahey presents in the introductory is the note on cognitive learning. Lahey understands that psychology is probably an unfamiliar subject to us, therefore, he gives us guidelines to help us better understand what we are reading. He states that we must apply what we already know with the information that we learn in the textbook. He also states that we must be able to apply, ask questions, and be able to clarify the new information that we read.

I think that this section of the notes will be extremely helpful to me in the future.

Another important piece of information that lahey gives us is the goals of psychology. This helps us to better understand the courses objectives. It also gives us a glimpse of what we are going to learn about in the near future. He states that we should be able to describe, understand, predict and influence behavior and mental process. Not only should you be able to know and comprehend what you read, but you should also be able to fully understand it.

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