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Lakeland Wonders Case Study

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1. How will the new CEO’s vision transform the Lakeland Wonders administration?

• Change of trade name image- no longer ‘Handcrafted with pride in the USA’ . • Change of organizational civilization with the proposed enlargement. • Create new gross watercourses with enlargement into new markets. • Departure from the traditional manner of the company.

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Lakeland Wonders Case Study
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2. What are the chief concerns of the stakeholders who do non hold with her vision?

• Loss of Lakeland Wonders image and ‘94 twelvemonth tradition’ . • Expanding excessively rapidly could damage the company. concern over velocity of alteration.

• Potential logistics issues with outsourcing.

• Concern over quality control and possible harm to trade name image. • Local. long term spouses would be lost. • New CEO’s deficiency of clear trade name scheme for proposed new merchandises. • Union issues- threatened by outsourcing. non consulted earlier on. etc. • New CEO’s program to convey in new people ( Cecil. Pat ) will do long term employees feel threatened and insecure.

3. Does your group think the proposed scheme is a good strategic move for Lakeland Wonders? If yes.

why? If non. why non?

We think that the proposed scheme is a good move for the undermentioned grounds: • Increased growing potency. increased profits- enabling the company to turn in line with marks set by board. • Expansion into turning market-mid non-electric market merely section predicted for dual digit growing. • Ensures the company remains competitory over the long term.

• Cost effectual. • New staff. new thoughts and fresh growth- overall betterment for the company.

However there are besides some negatives: • The overall planning is demands to be effectual and complete otherwise it could be damaging to the company. • CEO’s push to coerce through the alterations is doing divisions within the company. • Potential loss of the nucleus quality of the company ( traditional. made in USA. etc. ) • Risk estranging current clients.

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