Lambda Chi Alpha and Big Brother Essay

“Lambda Chi Alpha and all your brothers within the bond are counting on you to take this role and its responsibilities seriously. Your dedication will make a critical difference to your Chapter and the success of Lambda Chi Alpha.

” To become a big brother, you must meet the following criteria… 1. Attend meetings and all activities of the Chapter. 2. Be a responsible student. Attend class, study regularly, and do your best academically. 3. Meet financial obligations. 4. Be active within fraternity. 5. Model character, good communication, healthy conflict resolution, and leadership.

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Lambda Chi Alpha and Big Brother
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Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your ability. 1. What does being a big brother mean to you? To be a big brother to me means that you are going to be the guide for a new member in the fraternity, instructing them on how to be a dedicated and active member: this being done by instructing the basics how the fraternity work and how to display a good image for Lambda Chi Alpha. 2. Why do you want to be a big brother? I want to be a big brother because I believe that I have the attribute of responsibility to help guide one of our new members and help them adapt to fraternity life.

Being a big brother before, I believe that I am experience with helping a little brother and I really enjoyed having one. 3. What can you offer to a new member? I can offer a new member to Lambda Chi Alpha the basics and intermediate knowledge of our fraternity. I can also help expand the new member’s activity on campus and in the classroom with my resources on campus. 4. What have you done in the past to prove yourself as being worthy of being a big brother?

Having been previously assigned a little brother I believe that my development of Ben James from what he was to what he used to be had a ecent effect on what kind of person he is today. Everyone took a part in this development but, I believe that I did help, while also remaining good friends with Ben. (He unfortunately is leaving for the army after this semester). 5. What does Lambda Chi Alpha mean to you? Lambda Chi is the best thing that has ever happened to me, good friends, good people and goo environment has changed me dramatically from what I use to be. Little Recommendations: 1. Tyler Detrick 2. Zack Steffy

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