Lam discusses the issues in our healthcare - Lamm introduction. We are starting to see a “brave new world of healthcare”, one where we need to set new standards and obligations. “We shall have to balance quality of life with quantity of life, costs and benefits, preventive medicine versus curative medicine”. Lam believes that there are two major flaws In and an equal number are undesired and second being the high cost of healthcare. He strongly encourages making healthcare more accessible.

He repeats ever and over how the largest flaw Is our lack of access. The problem with having everyone able to access healthcare Is that the costs would Increase. We want everyone to have healthcare, but we are not willing to pay for it. He also discusses how we must now look at the needs of the entire population. We need to limit the use of certain resources of one individual in order to have enough for the whole population. I agree with Lam that our healthcare system is changing and we do need to better accommodate our lives in order to make it work.

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I believe that we should have universal care, but with that like Lam states with his new values “personal responsibility. With this responsibility one should take responsibility of their bodies. If there were universal healthcare one should eat healthy and exercise daily in order to stay well and keep costs down. Another issue that needs to be addressed is limitations of resources. Resources are limited, they should not just be used for one individual. There is the rest of the population that need those resources as well.

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