Land Work

Landscaping Considerations Project Description: You have been asked to write an article on designing a landscaping project. You will need to create citations and a bibliography to support your work. Additionally, you need to change alignment, line and paragraph spacing, margins, lists, and edit the header and footer. You will also find and replace text, create and modify a footnote, and use the Format Painter. Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step| Instructions| Points Possible| 1| Start Word. Download and open the Word file named Skills_w02_Grader_EOC. ocx. | 0| 2| Change the left and right margins of the document to 1″. | 8| 3| Change the line spacing of the entire document to 1. 15 lines. Change the paragraph spacing of the entire document to 12 pt After. | 8| 4| Change the alignment of the text in the paragraph that begins Landscaping can be to left. | 4| 5| Apply a first line indent of 0. 5″ to the paragraph that begins Landscaping can be. | 5| 6| Using the Format Painter, apply the formatting from the heading Landscaping as a Weather Barrier to the headings Landscaping that Attracts Butterflies and Landscaping to Minimize Water Use on page 2. 8| 7| Use the Find and Replace dialog box to search for and replace all instances of the word insure with ensure. | 4| 8|

Near the bottom of Page 1, format the list beginning Willow hybrid and ending Lombardy Poplar as a bulleted list using solid round bullets. Increase the left indent of the bulleted list to 0. 5″. | 9| 9| Near the top of Page 2, format the list beginning Planting nectar flowers and ending the entire season. as a numbered list using the 1. , 2. , 3. format. Increase the left indent of the numbered list to 0. 5″. 9| 10| In the document header, add a page number using the Plain Number 3 style at the Top of Page. In the footer, add the FileName field using the default format. Ensure the header and footer are not displayed on the first page. | 12| 11| Near the bottom of Page 1, in the bulleted list, insert a footnote immediately following the text Willow hybrid reading These trees grow quickly but do not live very long. (include the period). | 6| 12| Use the Navigation Pane to search for and replace all instances of the word creating with developing and then close the Navigation Pane. 4| 13| On Page 1, in the paragraph that begins Landscaping can be, edit the Erler citation to include 2 as the page number. For the same citation, edit the source by changing the title to New Complete Home Landscaping. | 10| 14| Insert a new page at the end of the document. On the new page, insert a bibliography using the Built-in Bibliography style. Center the title, Bibliography. | 13| 15| Save and close the document. Exit Word. Submit the document as directed. | 0| | Total Points| 100|

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