Language as a Sign System, Blending, Clipping, Free and Bound Morphenes Essay


Blending is competent by taking the beginning of one word and joining it to the end of another word - Language as a Sign System, Blending, Clipping, Free and Bound Morphenes Essay introduction. Two common examples of blending would be to combine the words “breakfast/ lunch,” giving us a shorter version of brunch. Or we could combine “Television / broadcast,” and end up with telecast.

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Language as a Sign System, Blending, Clipping, Free and Bound Morphenes
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Clipping arises when a word with more than one syllable is abbreviated to make the appellation easier to say. A common example would be to clip the word “brassiere,” to bra, and “advertisement to ad. Sometimes we clip each other’s names for example Samantha to Sam and Abdullah to Abdul.


A free morphene is a word that stands alone, such as “open” and “tour”. A bound morpheme are a group of words, which cannot stand alone, and are usually attached to another kind, such as refurbish, astonishment, liberated and teaches.


From an early age, we as children learn to communicate, which is demonstrated through our parent’s speech. Through our advancing years we learn particular languages within society, which are considered to be unique and unusual. In Britain for example, teenagers use slang as a way of communicating with their friends. In addition, many ethnic minorities today learn English as way of expressing their culture as well as enforcing social norms amongst their peers group.

Non-verbal communications are messages we transmit without using speech. A good example is our body language for the reason being, in attracting the opposite sex. Our eyes automatically wander in a shy gesture and our body automatically faces that person. In order to attract a partner, the female sex in particular choose to fiddle with their hair and in addition demonstrate flirtatious body movements. Certain individuals decide to communicate with each other using sign language and this is when distances occur. For instance a hand gesture so in greeting a person or in saying goodbye.

People communicate using written text, verbal speech and hand signs. Certain individuals choose to express our tastes through a symbolic approach. A good example is when someone takes extreme pleasure in a specific genre of music such as dance music. A person will voluntarily change his or her pattern of behaviour, creating that genre of music through her own personality. For instance those people who are fond of Heavy Metal music choose to pierce their bodies, and wear baggy clothing and have extraordinary hairstyles. There are several symbols in the persons dress sense that shows us which type of music he listens to. In society we do tend to stereotype people by the way a person dresses and this as a result provides information about that person.

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