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Language related tasks Sample

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On the following page is a typical text that you might acquire pupils to read in category. It contains some utile linguistic communication. Look at the points from the text in the box below. Choose two of the grammar constructions and two of the points of lexis and for each of them do the followers:

analyse the significance. depicting how you would look into students’ apprehension. Use concept look intoing inquiries and some other elucidation techniques if necessary. e. g. timelines. personalisation.

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Language related tasks Sample
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highlight the signifier

high spot cardinal pronunciation characteristics

focal point on appropriacy where necessary

anticipate jobs that pupils might hold with significance.

signifier. pronunciation and appropriacy and suggest solutions. The solutions for jobs with significance could include some of the same techniques you used to analyze significance. e. g. construct look intoing inquiries. timelines and personalisation

province which mentions you have used to assist you in your analysis.

1. …everything that has happened to us during the twenty-four hours. ( grammar )2.

We can set off kiping for a limited period. ( lexis )

3. …but sooner or later we have to kip. ( grammar )

4. …we suffer hallucinations. and finally decease. ( lexis )5. …the unpleasant symptoms we suffer ( lexis )

6. If scientists invented a pill which. if you took it. would maintain you awake for of all time. would you take it? ( grammar )

Two illustration replies. one grammar and one lexis. have been done for your counsel. These can be found in the papers Guidelines for Assignment 2.Appraisal standardsCambridge ESOL specifies that for the Language related undertakings assignment. successful campaigners can show their acquisition by:analyzing linguistic communication right for learning intents right utilizing nomenclature associating to organize. significance and phonemics when analyzing linguistic communication accessing mention stuffs and citing information they have learned about to an appropriate beginning utilizing written linguistic communication that is clear. accurate and appropriate to the undertaking.

Clive Oxenden and Christina Latham-Koenig. English File Intermediate. 1999. OUP

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