Lapu-Lapu Essay

Reaction Paper: Lapu-lapu The movie tells the story of the first hero of the Philippines, Lapu-lapu - Lapu-Lapu Essay introduction. The movie opens with a battle scene between two armies on a beach on Mactan Island. One army is led by Lapu-lapu and the other by Humabon. The forces of Humabon are defeated and he escapes with a wound at the stomach delivered by Lapu-lapu himself. Lapu-lapu’s forces spend the night resting from their exertions during the battle. The babaylan performs rituals for the dead and offers a chicken to the spirits.

Moments later, a man is hunting for food at a river. He saw a woman bathing in the nearby lake. He raped her and fortunately there is a witness. The body of the woman was discovered by the tribesmen along the seashore. The following day, the burial took place near the barangay. The people wore white garments. The body was placed on a raft along the coastline. The body was burned because they thought that the soul of the body is the smoke. They also thought that the soul of the body goes up to the sky in which they thought is the kaluwalhatian.

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The witness told Lapu-lapu who committed the crime. Lapu-lapu then ordered his guards to find the suspect. The suspect was detected and he was later captured. Lapu-lapu asked the father of the victim to kill the suspect, on which he did. Lapu-lapu fell deeply in love with Bulakna and proposes a marriage. The wedding started with the showering of flowers to the bride. The groom and the bride meet in a place where there is a lot of food. The babaylan performs a ritual.

There were people dancing between a bonfire with candles in each of their hands. Days have passed and the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines at March 20, 1521. Ferdinand Magellan named the Philippines Isla de Lazarus. At first, Humabon is suspicious of his visitors but he soon comes up with a plan on how to use the Spaniards against his enemy, Lapu-lapu. The first Filipino to become a Christian is Kulambu. Humabon agrees to become a Christian along with all of his followers.

The first mass held in the Philippines is at Limasawa in March 31, 1521. He also agrees to submit to the authority of the King of Spain. Humabon mentions to Magellan that Lapu-lapu, datu of Mactan refuses to submit to Spanish rule. Magellan soon hits on a scheme to attack Lapulapu at Mactan Island on April 27, 1521. Magellan underestimated the forces of Lapu-lapu and sent only 80 soldiers to attack. A lot of fighting scenes happen and the army of Lapu-lapu is victorious. Lapu-lapu himself killed Magellan.

Upon seeing this, the Spaniards flee and the chronicle of Magellan, Antonio Pigafetta wrote a book about the events in Mactan. Things are back to normal and Lapu-lapu hunts for food. He was spotted by Zula, an ally of Humabon. Zula assassinated Lapu-lapu and captured him. Lapu-lapu was trapped and tied to four carabaos on each side. The carabaos pulled outward and cause Lapu-lapu to stretch and eventually died. Meantime, in the barangay, Bulakna, wife of Lapu-lapu is about to give birth. The child of Lapu-lapu was raised in the balcony of a house. The End.

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