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Laser Cutter Manual and Information for Lsu Design Shop

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Cutting: School of Architecture Laser Using the Design Shop for Laser Cutting: To begin: First and foremost, you must complete the Design Shop orientation and pass the Design Shop Safety Manual Test to work with the laser cutter, as well as the other equipment in the Design Shop. Orientation occurs on Fridays and last 15 minutes. Once you have taken the test and passed with 10 or less incorrect answers, you will be given a sticker to apply to the back of you student ID.

This allows you full access to the equipment in the Design Shop.

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Laser Cutter Manual and Information for Lsu Design Shop
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When using the Design Shop be sure to sign in ND leave your ID in the holder on the desk. Important Information: Telephone: 225. 578. 3770 Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-g:o pm Friday 8:00 am-4:o pm Saturday Closed Sunday 12 pm-5 pm Laser cutting appointments start 30 minutes after the Shop opens and end 30 minutes prior to the Shop closing – for example, the first appoint of the day begins at 8:AAA and the last appointment ends at 8:app.

The Design Shop has a very informative laser cutting manual that should always in the laser cutting room or you can download a copy from online – http:// www. Sign. Lulus. Du/ Student_Resources/Design_Shop/index. HTML. All information and instructions for laser cutting is included in the manual and should be referred to when most questions arise. You can also ask the Shop personnel but be aware that not all of the Design Shop personnel are familiar with the laser cutter. To Login on computers: User Name: Laser Password: Laser 2 Setting up a laser cutting appointment: To set up a laser cut appointment, you must go to the Design Shop in person (they do not take appointments by phone).

Remember to take your ID for payment. The signing whet (a clip board with a large stack of paper) is located on the desk. Find the date and the time you would like to make the appointment and register you name and major. Shop personnel will scan your card for payment. Appointments are set up in 30 minute increments with a limit of 1 hour per day and 2 hours per week. Reservations require a deposit at the time you make the appointment ($2. 50 for 30 minuteness $5. 00 for an hour). This deposit will be applied to your total fee at the end of your time.

Reservations are transferable only In person prior to ten reserved time. Be mime and ready to cut. If you are late you forfeit your time and will lose any deposits. Time is charged at . 25 a minute with a $2. 50 minimum charge. There are two laser cutters (one dedicated to appointments and one for walk-ins), but never ever expect that both are working, so always try to make an appointment. And be prepared for both machines not working. It is very important to make your appointment in a timely manner and allow yourself ample time for cutting and recruiting if necessary.

Since the appointments are transferable and appointments fill up quickly, it’s a good policy to go ahead and book an hour on two different days within a week. Preparing your drawings for the laser cutter: The key to a successful laser cutting session is preparation. Be sure to have your Autocrat drawings set prior to your appointment so that you can use your time period efficiently. When setting up the Autocrat file, it is important to remember that GREEN lonelier is for cutting and RED lonelier is for scoring AND all the lonelier should be set at . 0000 limelight.

Only these two colors are recognized and any other color will be ignored. Use either a flash drive or email the files to yourself to move the files to the laser cutter computer. Preparing your material for the laser cutter: The laser cutter bed is 18″ x 32″ and this is the limit of your material, but you can cut material that is smaller. A mat cutter is set up in the laser room with the standard 18″ x 32″ measurements set – Just lay your material in the guide flush to the small stop, pull back the blade handle to position at the top of the board and pull down to cut.

Most chipboard will have to be cut twice, but you can get two 18″ x 30″ sheets per arguer sheet. Many materials can be used in the laser cutter but there are some that cannot. Refer to the manual for a full scope of acceptable material. Please note that some material such as foam board can be laser cut but the interior foam will melt, leaving a gap between the two pieces of board. When cutting acrylic leave the film on both sides during cutting. In the laser cutter room, there is a ring of materials and the recommended settlings. These settings can and probably will need to be adjusted – see The Design Shop Laser Manual for plot setup.

You will find that the rower and speed will sometime need to be adjusted from the recommended settings to insure that the material is being cut through completely. You can check to see if the materials is cutting through by pressing PAUSE during the operation, opening the lid to check, closing the lid and pressing RESUME if the everything is going well. If it is not cutting through, press STOP, adjust your settings and restart the process. Bring a roll of masking tape to tape your the cut pieces into the board to insure that none are lost prior to removing the material from the laser cutter. 6 Preparing ten laser cutter: For the complete process of preparing the laser cutter see the Design Shop Laser Manual prep will include turning on all the proper equipment (cutter, exhaust and compressed air), cleaning the lenses and mirror and calibrating the lenses to the material that you are using. The laser cutter’s on/off switch (orange) is located on the right of the machine, bottom back; the exhaust fan is the switch located on the wall between the two machines; and the compressed air is the red valve handle below the exhaust fan switch – the on position is pointed out.

All of these must be turned on before cutting. If the material is not flush to the bed see the shop personnel to adjust the compressed air pressure. Preparing your files for plotting: For the complete process of preparing the the laser cutter for plotting see the Design Shop Laser Manual. Occasionally there are problems with files created using the Mac version of Autocrat, if possible use a PC. 7 Common Material Power and Speed: 1 ply chipboard 85% Power/8 Speed 2 ply chipboard and presentation board 90% Power/6 Speed acrylic (3/16″ thickness) 70% Power/2 Speed (acrylic varies with thickness)

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