Last Days of Summer Essay

How does the relationship between Joey and Charlie Banks evolve? - Last Days of Summer Essay introduction?? Is Charlie becoming a father figure to Joey? Why did Joey want to contact Charlie? * Charlie Banks is Joey’s hero he looks up to him as his role model and feels as though with him on his side no one would even think to bully him Why was Charlie’s initially response negative? * Joey managed to get Charlie’s home address by lying…. (Transition) When does his attitude change? No matter what situation Joey is in (with the Bar Mitzvah or trying to win the heart of the girl he likes, Rachel), Charlie is always there for him and provides the father figure Joey desperately needs. However, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Charlie and his friend from first base, Stuke, decide to enlist in the Marines. They end up fighting all over the southern Pacific. Joey tries several times to visit Charlie and convince him to come home, but Charlie is a hero, and he decides to fight anyways; Charlie dies during the war.

This death changes Joey’s life. One of the astonishing things about Charlie and Joey’s relationship is the way that Joey eventually changed Charlie, softening him and teaching him (through practice) how to be a good role model and father. Their friendship changed both of their lives. No matter the situation, Charlie is always there right by his side and provides the father figure Joey desperately needs. Their friendship changed both of their lives, Joey got the place of his father filled, and Charlie…

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