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Late 19th Century Essays

. What were the major social problems facing the United States in the late nineteenth century? Explain to what extent the federal government attempted to address those problems. During the late nineteenth century, the United States was experiencing a lot of changes that soon would turn into problems. Immigration was being a big problem at the time as well as urbanization. The lack of jobs produced crime, poverty and housing were other big problems that the United states was facing at the time. And the struggle of African Americans to get equality and stop discrimination and racism was still on.

Immigration from many parts of the world was over populating the cities. Immigrants from Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, and China were flooding the streets of the cities. Coming to the United States in search for better opportunities, they came and discovered that it wasn't all that easy. The search for jobs was difficult, not too many jobs were available, those who were willing to work more hours for less pay would work. Trying to find a place where to live was difficult as well. Cities were too crowded and departments were overcrowded with an entire family and sometimes more than one family.

Insecurity was everywhere and crime rates had risen because of the poor economy people were facing. In respond to these problems, government passed laws and acts that would help and better the situation many were facing. Government made the entrance to the United States more strict. The Government also passed the Chinese Exclusion Act that prohibited the entrance of Chinese to the country. Government also aided the people that came front the country side with jobs in the city or jobs back in the country working on bigger farms that needed management.

Owners of big businesses and factories in the cities, hired people to work, lessening the people in the streets with no jobs. With less people on the streets, less crimes there were. And as for African Americans, the fight for equality was not over but it had great improvement toward the late nineteenth century. Ratification of the 14th Amendment, the first Civil Rights Act and the Enforcement Acts were laws that helped end some of the injustices African Americans were facing.

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