Latin Tickets to English Essay

It is time to roll the camera - Latin Tickets to English Essay introduction. Using your flashcards, review the Vocabulary Props you have had so far. Choose derivatives of 25 different Latin words, and write English sentences which include the derivative and the meaning of the Latin word. Example: An aqueduct carries water to Rome.

1. My canine is a truly loyal dog.
2. The conductor decided to lead us the wrong way.
3. My uncle is in the military as a soldier
4. If you are a pacifist then you believe in peace.
5. Due to the mutation, the organism has changed dramatically. 6. I always talk to my consultant before I consult with anyone else. 7. All of my bracelets are on my right arm.
8. Potentially the little girl will be able to ride the bike on her own. 9. In order to apply enough pressure you must press rather hard. 10. The clamor is coming from those shouting kids over there. 11. When they found the corpse, the body was rather mangled. 12. When I fractured my leg they told me I broke 4 bones.

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Latin Tickets to English
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13. He decided to interject by throwing himself into the conversation. 14. In this civilization we have many citizens.
15. When Cupid shot him with the arrow, his desire became intolerable. 16. Due to his hostility, he became my enemy.
17. My mother wants to know the itinerary for our journey.
18. This job is very laborious meaning it takes a lot of work ethic. 19. The Navy has a vast amount of ships.
20. When I went to get dental work, they took my tooth out. 21. Abbreviate your notes so that they will be short.
22. Since the game was on difficult, it was hard to win the race. 23. Omnivorous animals eat all types of things.
24. Since the clown looked ridiculous, he made everyone laugh. 25. My grandfather is senile because of his old age.

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