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Law Factual Summary



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    The officer could of either escorted Susie home thus not causing the incident, or let her walk, but in the end each person is entitled to their mistakes. Legal Issues In the case of Susie v City of Elsewhere and Officer Ruthless, is it negligence in the part of Susie and her friends knowing that they were violating the 11:pm curfew for being in the park? Was Officer Ruthless also at fault for neglecting the comment that Susie stated to him, “she only lived a few blocks from the park”, and not escorting or letting her go home to prevent the accident?

    The final questions, I as a Judge would ask, is during the one and half hour time span from when the minors were told to leave the park by Officer Ruthless, What events occurred to make the driver get in an accident? Did the minors partake in illegal activities, i. E. Drinking and driving or illegal drugs? Was there a toxicology report filed from the scene of the crime? There are many avenues of approach that as a Judge would need to know such as reports to properly handle and file who is at fault in this case.

    Without the factual evidence from both sides, it will be unclear to know who is liable and who is not. Legal Concept This case is based on the legal concept of minors breaking the law, which in this matter was the 11:pm curfew. They had known of this law and yet morally choose not to obey it, and instead of going home as instructed by Officer Ruthless, Susie Marks, and her two friends decided to hang out for another hour and a half, thus resulting in the accident.

    In the State Which this case is filed in, he law states it is k to have a passenger ride in the cab of the truck without a settable. Certain laws need to be revamped since this is clearly now a safe way to transport passengers, especially after midnight, when most accidents tend to occur. Analysis/Confusion With properly reading the statements from both Susie Marks and Officer Ruthless, it is clear that even though the Officer had told all the parties involved with Susie to leave, they choose to do other activities not relating to the park.

    The City of Elsewhere and Officer Ruthless cannot be at fault for the time between 11:PM and the time of the accident, The officer did his job by obeying the laws and guidelines and Susie and her friends clearly did what they wanted to and as a result got involved in the accident. Justice is blind but it is the duty of each individual to look out tort one another in the interest tot life. Negligence on Susie Marks and her friends’ behalf led to the accident. Law Factual Summary By greengrocery’s

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