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Laws Regarding Ice Cream Production

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Strengths: * Omore have positioned itself as “more for less” and they have captured a considerable share in markets where they are serving. * They have promoted themselves as full of happiness and art, attracting a huge chunk of audience. * They offered 24 different packs and 3 flavor which are not offered by anyone else in the market. * It is among the few brands in the country to manufacture dairy products. * They have divided their products according to their target market frooze range for childrens, ice cream for adults and range of family packs.

* They have a fully automated system to manufacture ice cream.

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Laws Regarding Ice Cream Production
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Weakness: * Engro foods ice cream is facing a continuous difficult in the distribution channel for omore ice cream. * Omore major supplies are from Punjab, they are facing difficulty in targeting various region of the country. * Along with the high cost of advertisement, they have a high cost of freezers alone. * Because of a single manufacture unit in Sahiwal they are unable to serve various region of the country, and have a high distribution cost with no customer hub.

* Despite the biggest market and having the biggest market share Karachi, they have no unit in this area. Using milk product in ice cream they have to put extra effort to keep ice cream freeze, and are not capturing the health conscious market who have moved toward frozen desert. Opportunities: * The market of ice cream is growing rapidly * Season of the country mostly favor the ice cream production.

Threats: * Walls ice cream the biggest threat to omore with their superior brand name and extensive presence. * They are also facing challenges from local and foreign ice cream parlors having local presence, as they have attracted audience by proving an exciting place where they can sit and enjoy ice cream. Electricity crisis is the biggest challenge not only in terms of increased cost at manufacturing unit but also at retail stores who do not have a backup power for their freezers. In Pakistan there are laws governing the manufacturing of ice cream and these laws range from the composition of ice cream to its hygiene and storage. Composition: For any kind of ice cream to be manufactured in Pakistan, it must comply certain composition requirement to be sold in the market. First each ice cream manufactured must contain milk fats not less 5%.

Secondly it must contain milk protein not less than 2. 5%. If any ice cream manufacturer in Pakistan claim to be a pure dairy product it must conform to the above criteria but the fat should be milk fats. Hygiene regulations: In Pakistan there are regulations for hygiene which include working area, tools and equipment, hygiene factor regulation, raw milk, and micro bial criteria (heat treatment law for ice cream). All these laws are applicable to only ice cream. Pasteurization: There are there different method for the pasteurization of the ice cream prepared in Pakistan.

If ice cream is pasteurized for 30 minutes the temperature should not be less than 65. 5c, if for 10 minutes the temperature should not be less than 71. 1, if for 15 minutes the temperature should not be less than 79. 4c. Sterilization: The mixture of ice cream should be heated not less than 148. 9c and then reduced to about 7. 2c in about i. 5 hours. The equipment used for heating process an inbuilt thermometer that measure the temperature and record of such measurement be kept for one month. Ingredient declaration:

It is necessary by law to declare ingredients on the pack of the pack of the ice cream. The name of the ingredient on the pack should be the same as sold separately and should be in quantitative terms or as the percentage of total mixture. For ice cream that compound mixture: a) The compound ingredients used in the mixture should be listed separately. b) The name of compound ingredients should be listed in descending order. c) If the compound ingredients constitute less than 2% of the total mixture than it is not ecessary to show details.

d) If the product contain any additive it must be labeled by the serial number and category. Laws for Ice Cream Production: Mixing: All the ingredients of the ice cream should be heated in a stain less steal container which is connected to the pasteurizer and the container must also be fitted with the homogenizer, which will break up the fat globule. Pasteurization: According to the 1995 regulation of the dairy product (hygiene) all ice cream sold in the Pakistani market should be heated. Homogenization:

The law does not necessitate the installation of a homogenizer in the manufacturing line and nor it essential to the production of ice cream. If it is installed the mixture should Pass through it before it is cooled the resultant ice cream can be whipped out easily at the freezing stage. Cooling: The ice cream should be cooled at 7. 2c and this is done by passing is through the cooling chamber, but according to law it should be as rapid as possible because most bacteria grow at this stage and the temperature should be noted at the exit. Filling/packing:

The ice cream when prepared should be kept on -2c to -7c and should be filled in such packages that prevent the product from bacteria. Storage and distribution: The ice cream should be kept at a temperature around -20c to -25c and it should have a shelf life of 12-18 month. This temperature is recommended because fluctuation around this temperature cause less bacteria. FOOD SAFETY Food ingredients that include dairy products are hazardous to the health of consumer because when milk powder reconstitute i. e. when water is added to milk powder, it support microbial growth.

Therefore different laws and agencies govern the production process to insure high quality and healthy products. Time and temperature control is very essential for the production of ice cream because most bacteria grow at this process. Good manufacturing practices: To produce high quality product for human consumption following conditions must be fulfilled: a) Personals b) Sanitary operations c) Process and control d) Equipment and procedures e) Sanitary facilities and control f) Process and grounds Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

A systematic approach to food safety. HACCP identify any hazard that is involved in the production process. Once the hazard is identified it define measures to be taken to control and implement the process and reduce or eliminate the hazard. Hazards may be biological, physical and chemical. Biological hazard relates to inadequately process or prepared food. Chemical hazard relates to storage and cleaning or pesticides in the processing area. Physical hazard relates to extraneous material, such as grease from pump, contaminating food.

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