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LDR Based Street Light Controlled Essays

Energy conservation reduces the energy consumption and energy demand per capita, and thus offsets the growth in energy supply needed to keep up with population growth. This reduces the rise in energy costs, and can reduce the need for new power plants, and energy imports. The reduced energy demand can provide more flexibility in choosing the most preferred methods of energy production.

In any city “STREET LIGHT” is one of the major power consuming factors. Most of the time we see street lights are ON even after sunrise thus wasting lot of energy. Over here we are avoiding the problem by having an automatic system which turns ON & OFF the street lights at given time or when the ambient light falls below a specific intensity. All streetlights are connected to a central computer from where the time at which the lights are to be turned ON/OFF can be set. An LDR is used to check if the lights have turned ON or not. This status is then sent to the central computer. Thus even the blown out lights can be detected. Each controller has an LDR which is used to detect the ambient light. We can operate the system in two modes the MANUAL MODE & AUTO MODE. In MANUAL MODE the lights are TURNED ON/OFF from the central computer. In AUTO mode if the ambient light is below a specific value the lights are turned ON.

The main aim of this project is to develop an LDR based power saver for street light control system. This project mainly based on light intensity that’s why we are going to use LDR. The property of LDR is the output resistance decreases with increasing incident light intensity. Here microcontroller takes input from LDR and output is controlled depends upon light intensity.


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