Leaderhip And Motivation Assignment Essay

All three of these antigenic leadership styles are affected by time, impact/acceptance, and expertise/ information. In addition, a good leader must exhibit a high emotional intelligence, visionary leadership, and show compassionate leadership skills to help them communicate with their employees. They must also strive to be both a transformational, transactional, and Charismatic leader in order to help change the company for the better, improve the company by improving organizational efficiency, and gain trust and respect from your employees.

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Leaderhip And Motivation Assignment
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Also, a good leader must motivate, empower their employees, strive to be a theory Y manager, focus on satisfier factors that have to do with the job, and improve the expectancy theory within your employees, and achieving effectuate motive from your employees. Mutter Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola Company and Indri Annoy, CEO of PepsiCo are in charge of two of the biggest beverage companies in the world. Although they may be in charge of two similar companies their leadership characteristics are completely different in the business world.

Leadership can be branched off to two different types of leaders; task-orientated leaders and people oriented leaders. Task oriented leaders have a high concern for task, as they plan and define work to be done, urge task completion as well as monitor results. People oriented leaders have high concern for people and focus on being supportive towards followers as well as maintaining good social relationships.

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