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Leadership And Change Management In The Eastern Bank Limited

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    I would wish to thanks all my co-workers for the clip and experience they have shared for this alone undertaking that I have undertaken.

    Our professor ‘s counsel is the motivational force to get down this undertaking in the way where we will non merely larn about this unit theoretically but besides practically.

    After careful consideration of all the alterations happened in the past two decennary, I decided to take a fiscal establishment for my undertaking of leading and alteration direction. I took EBL ( Eastern Bank Limited, Bangladesh ) as my subject and i carefully studied its last two decennaries alterations and besides gone through its hereafter scheme which will determine its concern growing.

    This proposal outlines the model of my attack turn toing each cardinal demand, ensuringA complete rating and recommendations of the issues identified duringA the reappraisal.

    This papers will supply the followers:

    Why and how these alterations have occurred and how this organisation took the chance for its ain ends to acquire fulfilled maintaining in head the planetary competition and besides its civilization. In my undertaking, I will convey you the highlight how private bank alteration itself from its traditional system and method to modernisation.

    What is the driving force behind this alterations? To construct my solid base, I have gone through every possible research and beyond that.

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    The incremental alteration which they started easy but forcibly put a batch of force per unit area on the traditional manner of their banking system. Traditionally, the bank functional relationship was strong and was to the full based on common apprehension and trust amongst their employees irrespective of the hierarchal construction.

    The hierarchal construction was stiff but really efficient where morale of the employee was really high and employee turnover was really low. These were the basic hurdle which made it hard for the organisation to convey the alterations.

    “ Survival is ever of the fittest and who survive the alteration, Rules. ”

    The impulsive factors of the alterations were really strong as comparison to its stableness like the rapid alterations in the concern environment, globalisation epoch and the germinating latest engineering.

    EBL analyzed carefully its strength and its failings inside its organisation and studied/ evaluated the macro environmental elements for its menaces and chances.

    The new construction which was the result of alteration was more effectual and efficient. The alteration was non that easy and got a batch of opposition from employees whom they overcome by holding regular meetings and preparation and development.


    3.1 Purpose

    The intent of this reappraisal is to analyse the alterations which EBL Private Bank gone through within the last two decennaries. The accelerator of this alteration is believed to be globalisation, technological promotion invention, competition and other macro environmental factors which stirred this organisation.

    This organisation non merely survived but besides expanded its operation nationally and internationally on a big graduated table. From survey and study we found out that it ‘s difficult for the rivals to copy its services and embedded civilization which makes this organisation strong in its nucleus capablenesss. A

    I try to analyse the forces which provide me position of alteration jobs that need to be rectified and besides by placing forces for and against the alteration.

    The forces which pushed

    Against Force / Defying

    Organization working hard & A ; ethically to present perfect consequence

    Loyalty and committedness of employees

    Choosing surrogate demands and possible flexiblenesss

    Motivation and encouragement

    Working on the feedback from staff study – staff want alterations in how they are treated

    Pushing staff to work in a new ways

    Engagement in a alteration procedure

    Traditional construction


    Pressure of work during stage of alterations

    Culture incrimination

    Communication job inside the organisation

    3.2 Scope

    The range of the reappraisal will be from the point of determination to do its base against its rival private rivals which were non merely to the full equipped with modern engineering but besides with full monitory financess. Due to strong unfavourable fortunes this EBL non merely worked on its nucleus values but besides construct its long term scheme in which they to the full succeeded.

    They changed their position of seeing the concern from net income oriented ( i.e. by non caring for the client but the money ) to client oriented which the private Bankss were making. Not merely they changed this civilization but besides introduced the latest advanced engineering.

    3.3 Objective

    The aim of this reappraisal will be to:

    1. Investigate and research the flow of this organisation ‘s endurance and enlargement maintaining in head the globalisation period.

    2. Research and detail the positive and negative consequence and alterations in its civilization and organisational construction.

    3. Finding the advantages and disadvantages of this alteration procedure.

    4. What were the result of these alterations and how little alterations led to the large alterations?

    5. The method and scheme determination they have opted to convey these alterations?

    6. What were the barriers to alterations, was that the hierarchal direction construction of the bank?


    During the procedure of liberalisation in 1991, banking has gone enormous sum of alterations. The chief motivation of these alterations was to take the organisation into profitable efficient and competitory side. These reforms become the basicss of the bangladesh economic system and transferred the operating environment of the Bankss and fiscal establishment in the state.

    During the term of office of pre-liberalization banking system were majorly handled by authorities financial and development constabularies. It open the chances for the bank to diversify into credits cards, insurance, investing banking, mortgage funding and depositary services etc.

    4.1 Company ‘s Background.

    Eastern Bank Limited was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. the company makes investings, arrangements, and adoption in money and capital markets ; and trades with foreign exchange concern, every bit good as provides Internet banking, corporate banking, and Hajj remittal services, such as managing foreign demand bill of exchanges and foreign telegraphic transportations in Saudi Arabian and local currency. As of December 31, 2008, it had 34 subdivisions, 36 owned automated Teller machines ( ATMs ) , and 118 shared Q-cash ATMs.

    Today, Eastern Bank of Bangladesh has spreads its weaponries around the universe and has became the 2nd largest bank in the universe. EBL ‘s international banking group delivers the full scope of cross-border finance solutions. They have non stopped yet but have got farther scheme to go the universe ‘s no. 1 bank. These competitions open the door for the clients to their great satisfaction and besides engineering way in Indian Bankss. Banks started themselves to look into the mirror of planetary competition which increased their efficiency growing.

    4.2 Organizational STRUCTURE ( BUREAUCRATIC )

    Present profile of this organisation

    A ) A A Organizational construction

    B ) It has spread its subdivisions all over nationally and internationally join forcesing with subordinates and non-subsidiaries.

    Eastern Bank of Bangladesh recognition card

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh Online

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh USA

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh Services

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh Mutual Fundss

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh Branch

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh NRI Account

    Banking subordinates:

    Eastern Bank of Narayanganj ( EBN )

    Eastern Bank of Sylhet ( EBS )

    Eastern Bank of Chittagong ( EBC )

    Eastern Bank of Barisal ( EBB )

    Eastern Bank of Rajshahi ( EBR )

    Eastern Bank of Khulna ( EBK )

    Eastern Bank of Ishwardi ( EBI )

    Foreign subordinates:

    Eastern Bank of Bangladesh International ( Mauritius ) Ltd.

    Eastern Bank of Bangladesh ( California ) .

    Eastern Bank of Bangladesh ( Canada ) .

    INMB Bank Ltd, Lagos.

    Non- banking subordinates:

    EBL Capital Markets Ltd ( EBLCAP )

    EBL Funds Management Pvt. Ltd ( EBL Funds )


    EBL Factors and Commercial Services Pvt. Ltd ( EBL Factors )

    EBL Cards & A ; Payments Services Pvt. Ltd. ( EBLCPSL )

    Joint ventures:

    EBL Life Insurance Company Ltd ( EBL Life ) .


    Eastern Bank of Bangladesh administrative construction is good equipped to supervise the big web of subdivisions in Bangladesh and abroad. The State Bank of India has 14 local caput offices and 34 zonal offices which are located at of import metropoliss spread throughout the state. Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh has 52 foreign offices in 34 states across the Earth. The corporate histories group is a strategic concern unit of the bank set up entirely to carry through the specialised banking demands of top corporate in the state.

    The chief activities of are into-

    Personal banking.

    NRI services.




    Domestic exchequer.

    Eastern Bank Of Bangladesh offers the followers services to its clients –

    Domestic Treasury.

    SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card.

    Broking services.

    Revised service charge.

    ATM services.

    Internet Banking.




    Safe Deposit Lockers.

    Gift Cheques.

    MICR Codes.

    Foreign Inward Remittances.

    5. Methodology

    My research is an academic activity which deals with the long term alterations happened in the Eastern Bank of Bangladesh which is the largest public fiscal establishment in Bangladesh.

    My research comprise of analyzing the company ‘s history and analyse its banking system which reveals many driving force and impeding force for its transitional alteration on big graduated table.

    My analysis is farther backed by quantitative analysis utilizing the latest PESTAL and other relevant theoretical accounts which we are traveling to uncover farther in our undertaking as I proceed.

    To do certain what I am showing, the instance of alteration is viewed from outside the organisation and besides from its outside macro environment. I am non actively involved in this alteration but are detecting and garnering all the information and information from really important resources and besides from the people who were/ are employee or other words anyhow straight or indirectly involved in this organisation during the whole term of office of go oning of these alterations.

    5.1 Approach

    I understand the construct of this subject and traveling to take all major attacks to do my undertaking successful and cognition worthy. The inquiry and the guidelines are carefully chosen and sentenced so that we can acquire accurate information required for our undertaking.

    The undermentioned methods are chosen for garnering information: –

    Personal interviews

    Telephonic interviews

    Electronic media ( Television, wireless, cyberspace, on-line diary articles )

    Mail and electronic mail

    Newspaper, articles, concern magazines

    Group treatment.

    Observation and experience

    Unit of measurement lecturer MR. LLANDIS BARRAT-PUGH

    We are bring forthing a argument in a category to happen out more on this topic of alteration in SBI. Argumentative treatment is most welcome. We want our proposal to be challenged.

    A 5.2 Limitations of this Proposal

    My research is fundamentally concentrated on the EBL Bankss and its confederations which is the largest private sector bank of Bangladesh. So we can non analyse all about the other banking system on the footing this research.

    Bing such a great organisation which has spread its weaponries nationally and internationally, it ‘s difficult for the research to take into history all the variables of its different subdivisions at different locations.


    Bing a inactive leader, one understand the drawback of non affecting actively in the organisation. But as a client, I observed the tendencies and civilization from its prevailing environment. We put batch of attempt to happen out, why and how they brought the alterations in the system and what are the impacts of the alterations on society and on the organisation. Bing a leader, we evaluated these alterations and drawn a decision of its advantages and disadvantages.

    Leader ever back up the alterations for its positive consequence and maintain him focussed and involved in the nucleus values of the alterations. He is entirely responsible for his ain behaviour and actions. Detailed attack has been taken to each and every point of this proposal and studied the construct in deepness.

    7. Suggestion

    Based on our forces research and observation we found that private sectors are non that much efficient in comparing with the populace sector. Still they have to travel a long manner to better their capablenesss.

    They besides need to set into pattern the preparation demands for the bing and new employees to do the system more efficient and increase the cognition to utilize the new engineering altering with clip.

    They should besides necessitate to make a civilization of sharing cognition among the other co-workers so that they would be able to construct trusty and strong squad. Therefore, the private sector Bankss must stress on alteration direction.

    This whole proposal province that EBL has emerged as a bright leader who has rectified its failing and worked on its strength and reduced its threatA and catch the chances.

    Focus on cardinal issues

    What are the drive forces behind these alterations?

    How EBL gone has undergone the transformational alteration or otherwise would hold gone out of business/ dead?

    What is the ground of these drive forces which made EBL to take large measure ( is it because of globalisation, engineering, political, economical or the societal ) ?


    After carefully sing the diagnosing of the organisation which has gone through the enormous alteration, we concluded that it was necessary to make so and they have done it really carefully after analysing the whole state of affairs which involved its major rivals, political, economical, legal, environmental, societal and technological and its ain construction and civilization.

    We besides felt proud to make this proposal of this great organisation because it non merely survived during the critical transformational alteration as we know where most of the organisation at that point went out of business/site but his organisation was lucky and good maintain on its strategic alteration determination by which non merely survived but besides came out with winging colourss. It is one of the largest web organisations in the present clip giving border of competition to its rival and new entrants.

    Its capablenesss, capacity and diverseness are the focal point of this whole alteration which was non merely about the top directors but besides about the junior employees who showed the enthusiasm towards this structural and cultural alteration. The company, non merely, empowered the top degree but besides the lower degree employees to convey this effectual alteration.

    The size and complexness was a major concerned of this alteration in which the organisation did n’t demo any mark of reluctance to put and understand the deficiency of urgency.

    We besides put our attempts to see its civilization web which include narratives like observing its success, distributing the good intelligence about people and what they are making, thanking and honoring people and the errors they have made and larn from them. The paradigm of this organisation demo us valuing diverseness, learning civilization, strong work moralss, trueness committedness and outward looking / frontward thinking/ advanced.

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