Leadership: Charismatic or Transformational

Leadership: Charismatic or Transformational

            Leadership is, based on the dictionary, defined as the act or ability to stand as a guidance for a group of people - Leadership: Charismatic or Transformational introduction. This branch out to different forms, depending on the approach one would apply. For this paper, the type of leadership to be focused on is the Charismatic and Transformational leadership.

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Leadership: Charismatic or Transformational
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            Charismatic Leadership refers to how charm and grace is used to allure followers, as defined by the website Changing Minds (2007). These kinds of leaders believe that it all begins with the self. Before one is able to lead, s/he should believe that s/he can. Followers would believe that they are in the same level as these leaders, meaning, they have the same beliefs and justifications. One can say that they would feel like they personally know that leader, and that leader is the right option for him. According to the same site, these kinds of leaders don’t use power or authority.

            On the other hand, Transformational Leadership refers to using vision and passion as his pillars to accomplish his intentions (changingminds.org, 2007). Energy boosts his desire, and followers are more attracted to him this way. His vision is the light at the end of the tunnel, and he will lead his people to get there. He is followed because his followers become inspired. The driving force of his wanting to achieve expands to these people.

            Charismatic and transformational leaders are very different from each other, especially on their approach on how they lead. However, unintentional or not, these people are leaders; and no matter how they should lead these people, they will.


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