Special Role and Responsibility of the Leader

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Wednesday, August 23, 2000-The head football coach, Joe Hollis, shortened practice today because he said that the team was tired and needed some extra rest to make sure our legs are fresh for our first game on September 2, against North Carolina State.

I think this displays his specialized role as a leader. That kind of decision rests singularly on his shoulders, players and coaches follow his decision because of his specialized role as the head football coach.

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Thursday, August 24, 2000- I read an article in Sports Illustrated about my favorite baseball player, Greg Maddux, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. It discussed how well respected he was among his teammates and other players in the Major Leagues as well. I felt that this demonstrated a shared influence leadership within his social system. He is not in a specialized role, he is simply looked at as a good role model and a wise baseball player.

Friday, August 25, 2000-Our team captains called a team meeting to ask the younger players to be mature about going to class, and handling non-football duties maturely so that the focus can be on football when the right time comes. This is somewhat of a mixture between specialized roles and shared influence. The captains have specialized roles as leaders, but the way they obtained these roles was from gaining respect in the shared influence environment.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000-I have noticed that some of the assistant coaches on the football team use different influence processes when providing instruction for their players. For example, the receiver coach’s players seem to be motivated to do things by indifferent compliance, meaning they are basically in a bad mood when they are told to do something. On the other hand, the outside linebackers coach seems able to make his players not necessarily enjoy practicing, but practice in a much better disposition.

Thursday, August 31, 2000- In my night class, a girl in my newly formed group was telling me how hectic her job was. She described her job in the Human Resource department as reactive and unable to be scheduled. She says that on top of her daily, quarterly and annual tasks that she works on every day, she must constantly deal with small and large daily problems that arise. Some of these include, replacing sick employees, making claims on insurance policies, and screening potential employees.

Monday September 2, 2000-The daily professional interactions of a head football coach, for example coach Hollis mentioned before are obviously wide ranging. I observe almost daily how must relay his instructions to secretaries, assistant coaches, and support staff. He is subject to taking instructions from the president of the university, the NCAA and the school’s compliance coordinator. Another role is providing the media with comments on what is going on with the team. Perhaps his main role is to coach the players. They would be considered the employees in that situation.

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