Learn Icelandic in 10 Minutes Essay

Learn Icelandic in 10 min Below are some words of Icelandic and a little about the pronunciation of Icelandic - Learn Icelandic in 10 Minutes Essay introduction. More… Pronunciation i/y       as the English ee in feel u         as the English oo in school u         similar to the German o in schon, or the French e in le ? as the English i in ice ei/ey    as the English a in fate o         similar to the English o in old au diphthong starting as o and ending with a y-sound, similar to the French feuille e as the English ye in yes -ng, -nk before –ng, -nk, i is pronounced as i, e as ei, u as u, o as au, o as o, a as a.

?/? as the English th in that ?/? as the English th in think Terms and phrases Hello  Hallo Good morning  Go? an daginn Good evening  Gott kvold Good night   Go? a nott Goodbye                  Bless See you  Sjaumst Hi  H? Yes Ja No                           Nei Thank you                Takk fyrir Excuse me               Afsaki? Sorry                       Fyrirgef? u Perhaps                   Kannski Not                          Ekki Stop! Stans

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