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This Viking shield has 4 mirror lines and 4 but It has only two unique mirror lines - Learning log Essay introduction. (mm) What was the most surprising or interesting fact you learnt from Week 1 lectures (20 – 30 words) (2 marks) The interesting parts are the unique mirror lines and the number rotation angles correspond to which type of shape.

It can be expressed in a notation like mm. Complete at the end of Week 2 Image 2 Describe the symmetrical elements you see in this Japanese embroidery. (20 – 30 words) (2 marks)This image has an asymmetric unit. It is a threefold rotation and there is no mirror line in this picture. Hence, there is no point of symmetry. Can you add anything to your Week 1 description of the Flung shield? Creates the remaining parts of the picture. PART II – Plane (AD) and Space (AD) Symmetry You can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong. Paul Rand Period Complete at the end of Week 3

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Image 3 Use the formal descriptors of plane symmetry to describe this bathroom tile tessellation. (up to 40 words) (2 marks) This image has a glide line located at any point of the pattern because it has horizontal and vertical mirror line with translation. It has 4 fold tetras which rotates 90 degree. Hence, This image is a poem. How are you now more observant of symmetry in your surroundings? Use examples. (up to 20 words) (2 marks) My perspective about shape has change. For an example when I am look at fancy design, I will analyses what type of plane symmetry and etc.

Complete at the end of Week 4 Image 4 The triangle in Image 4 is weird. Was Paul Rand correct – geometry is never wrong? (30 – 40 words) (2 marks) Yes. People have been using geometry to solve various problems such as engineering problems. People may interpret picture differently and give opinion. In my conclusion, it is important how the shape is drawn by the artists. Do you believe the world around us is completely described in AD and AD? (up to 20 words) (2 marks) No. We may encounter more than Just AD and AD in the future as life around the world keeps changing.

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