Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Essay

Left and Right Brain Hemispheres


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Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Essay
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            The human brain is divided into halves, known as the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, much like how a round object , like the earth is divided into western and eastern hemisphere - Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Essay introduction. Each hemisphere have different functions, specializing in different fields. Up until the first half of the last century, scientist thought that the brain’s two halves were mirror images of each other. But in fact, the left and right hemispheres of the brain, though seemingly identical in form, have distinctive and particular functions.

Left Hemisphere

            The left hemisphere deals more with the intellect, and is known to the science world as the Academic Brain because its function is mainly used for academic purposes. In experiments conducted, the left hemisphere was found out to be more active when people solve logic, mathematical, and sequential problems. Problems requiring analysis and language functions also produced high activity levels on the left side of the brain.  Other studies show that people that suffered trauma on the left side of the brain had difficulty in speaking, or have totally lost the ability to speak. This showed that language functions are associated to the left side of the brain.

The left brain is also known to process information in detail.

Right Hemisphere

            If the left hemisphere is the Academic Brain, the right brain is known as the Artistic Brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for bringing out the artist that is within us. The reason why there are few really good artists in the world is because people are educated the “Acedemic way” even before we start formal schooling. In the same experiment conducted that is mentioned earlier, the right side recorded high activity levels when the subjects were exposed to musical activities, creative thinking, and color. Accident victims that sustained damage on the right side of the brain suffered from memory loss and their sense of direction. These results showed that the right side of the brain is responsible memory storage, spatial functions and music. Music because the same subjects that lost their language skills, were still able to sing. In contrast to the detail conscious left hemisphere, the right hemisphere sees the big picture

Left Brain? Right Brain?

            Like most people, I am right handed, which means that my left hemisphere is dominant. The hemispheres work the opposite sides of the body, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.  And according to a test that I took to determine which side is dominant, I got a score of 11 for the right, and 8 for the left, pretty close to be definitive. Maybe there is some truth to this because although I am predominantly right handed, I am a lefty when it comes to using utensils and although not as efficient as my right hand, I can write comfortably with my left hand. I can also tell that I am right brained person because I never excelled in any subjects that require calculations. Music has also been a part of my life since I was old enough to appreciate it. Then again, I rarely get lost I can find my way in anything without using maps. I think I am semi ambidextrous, if there’s even an existing condition.


            The left and right hemisphere of the brain have distinct functions. With one side being more dominant than the other, which dictates whether we be part of the scholarly left brained population or the creative right brained artists


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