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It was legal once, so why is it illegal now?

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Studies show that cannabis is the least harmful drug known in existence with a death rate per year of zero - Legalizing marijuana essay introduction? At the bottom of the list the reason most people think it’s a harmful drug is because of it being illegal and the rumours that have conspired over the years. But what are the facts? Why is the Australian government allowing products so harmful such as cigarettes to be made in Australia? Why are people getting jail sentences for harvesting a harmless drug such as cannabis? The most talked about and rumoured theory about cannabis is that it kills brain cells. Joe Rogan, host of the television show “fear factor”; “I thought the same thing, I didn’t start smoking pot until five years ago, because I thought pot made you stupid. I bought into it just as much as anybody did, and then I realized when I was thirty years old that I was tricked.” In 1974, after six years of requests the brain study was revealed. Dr. Heath used a method on monkeys which pumped 60 Columbian strength joints through a gas mask in 5 minutes. Due to the lack of oxygen which was mixed with the cannabis smoke through the gas mask, the monkeys suffocated and died, once the monkey were dead, the brain cells started to die.

This is how scientists concluded that cannabis kills brain cells. The side effects from smoking cannabis is just like drinking alcohol, the more you smoke the more it will take effect. The after effects can also be instant, depending on the quality of the cannabis, and is cheaper than buying alcohol. The advantages of smoking cannabis in comparison to alcohol is that there is no hangover, no throwing up, no feeling sick, and a highly unlikely chance of overdose. Researches came up with an estimate that you would have to smoke 15,000 joints in 15 minutes to get a toxic reaction. Think about it, there are not many negative effects when it comes to smoking cannabis, the ratio of positive effects to negative effects is too high. But some are, temporary memory loss, depending on how much you smoke, and laziness. Marijuana is used for many medicinal purposes and has been found to cure many illnesses and can be used for pain relief. The list is just too many to say, but a few examples are: asthma, glaucoma, nausea, back pain, arthritis, stress, sleep and relaxation. That is just from smoking it, scientists have turned cannabis into oil’s to be rubbed on skin or even digested to cure illnesses such as Helicobacter Pylori which is cancer of the stomach, in which the tissue develops large ulcers. It has also been rumoured that the THC in marijuana can be a possible future cure for Herpes.

A common asked question by the public is that, “If it’s legalised, will it affect my work and studies?” everyone is different so there is no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Some people get stressed and use cannabis to calm themselves down. Others can feel paranoid and have anxiety. “No one knows yourself better than you, so weigh up the personal pros and cons, and base it on that.” California, Oregon, Amsterdam, New Jersey, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Colorado and a few more places around the world have already legalised cannabis for recreational and medicinal uses, so why not Australia?

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